Prey 2017 Crafting Materials Recycling Guide

Our Prey 2017 Crafting Materials Recycling Guide will help players in using a glitch in the game to get infinite crafting materials by using the recycler. The Recycler converts junk items into useful crafting materials and using the duping glitch, players can replicate the materials an infinite number of times until they have an endless supply.

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Prey 2017 Crafting Materials Recycling

This crafting material recycling method does not work on all items so players cannot go gung ho and stock up on an infinite amount of weapons, ammo or food. As the name suggests, it requires players to have access to a Recycler, any Recycler in the game.

To duplicate materials in a Recycler, players need to have a stack of items in their inventory.

Since a stack consists of 10 items, amassing this small number should not be too much of a problem. Once players have a full stack of the item, they need to put in the Recycler and split the stack so that it is in 10 pieces instead of one.

There is no purpose that junk items serve other than being recycled. The inventory items are also easily recyclable but the items which cannot be recycled will have a red X on them to show you that they are locked.

Once the entire stack is split up, players can simply press the Recycle button on the console and the machine will create duplicates of whatever crafting materials were put into the machine.

After the process is done, players can simply collect the duplicated material and repeat it again and infinite number of times.

Players can increase their yield per attempt by learning a skill however since this method allows infinite duplication, there really is no point to it besides saving a bit of time.

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