Prey 2017 Chipsets Guide

In our Prey 2017 Chipsets Guide, we have detailed all you need to know about all available Suit Chipsets and Scope Chipsets in the game.

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Prey 2017 Chipsets

After acquiring a Chipset, open up your Suit Chipsets or Scope Chipsets page and install it.

At the start of the game, both your TranStar Uniform and Psychoscope will have only two slots for Chipsets but you will unlock more with the Suit Modification and Psychotronics skills.

Since Chipsets do not consume a permanent slot, I highly recommend switching them out – depending on the situation at hand! There are many Chipsets available in the game, therefore, make sure to take advantage of them all.

TranStar Uniform Chipsets

Adventurer’s Toolkit v1.X
It increases the Fabrication yield, increased critical hit chance with Wrench, better flashlight, and the ability to crawl through tight spaces more efficiently.

ARTX Propulsion Gen 2
It adds a jet boost to the Artax Propulsion System.

ARTX Propulsion Gen 1
It increases the glide speed of the Artax Propulsion System.

Backlash Reactor S-p58
With this, the Backlash has a chance to deal some return-damage to the attacker.

Battery Optimizer IMI7
It improves the battery life of the flashlight.

Beam Shielding 19.4GHz
It decreases the damage received from the laser attacks.

Care4Yu S-i34000x
It reduces the trauma infliction chances.

Cell Refurb 00q-x1
It allows you to salvage additional Disruptor and Q-Beam ammunition from destroyed robots.

You damage both allies and enemies by falling on them.

EMP Shielding 19.4GHz
It lets you receive less EMP damage.

Etheric Shielding 19.4GHz
It enhances your resistance against Ether-based attacks.

fSlide infBS_99
It decreases the damage received while sliding.

Game Master’s Ire v1.X
This one is the exact opposite of the Adventurer’s Toolkit v1.X and reduces all those effects.

Grounding Resistor 19.4GHz
It enhances your resistance against Electric-based attacks.

Heavy Gear Optimizer CRU
It increases your movement speed while aiming with the GLOO Cannon or Q-Beam.

Hepatocytic Amp S-m186
It removes the drunken effects of alcohol.

Impact Amp S-390
Wrench attacks have a chance to knock back enemies.

Impact Dampener CRU [v1]
You receive reduced damage from crashing during flight in zero-g.

INTegral Structor b5nm
It increases your suit’s resistant to environmental hazards that damage it.

Kinesthetic Assister CRU
It allows you to regenerates stamina more quickly.

Last Chance CoREV1
It allows you survive the life-ending attacks with 1 HP and has a five seconds cooldown.

Leverage Assist CRU
It drastically decreases the time required to pick heavy objects.

PolyShield CRU
It increases your defense against physical attacks.

Prowl S-6400
With this, you acquire additional movement speed while sneaking.

Radiation Shielding 19.4GHz
You acquire radiation resistance.

Recycler Shielding 19.4GHz
You receive a specialized shield that makes you immune to recycler charges.

Thermal Shielding 19.4GHz
Grants resistance to fire damage.

V-Amp .23
With this, your Sneak Attacks replenish a small portion of health.


Aggressor Amp 1337Si
It slightly increases the damage of all Psi attacks.

Coral Detector 64Si
It allows your Psychoscope to scan Coral.

Coral Psi Extractor (*) 21.4GHz
It allows you to regenerate Psi by touching Coral.

Electrostatic Amp +6qw5
It increases the damage of the Electrostatic Burst.

ESP Targeting 163xf
You deal increased damage to marked enemies.

FarScan 002Si
It increases the Typhon scan range of the Psychoscope.

Fear Reactor 0322Si
It grants you a small chance to trigger a Fear blast on nearby Typhon after killing a Typhon enemy.

Fear Shielding (*) 21.4GHz
You gain resistance to Fear.

Governor 1400Si
It enhances the duration of Machine Mind and Mindjack Neuromod Skills.

Kinetic Amp +6qw5
It increases the damage of the Kinetic Blast.

M3chT3ch dx_2.0
It reduces the repairing time.

Mimic Detection Gen 1
It allows you to see the hidden Mimics.

Mimic Detection Gen 2
Allows detection of hidden Greater Mimics.

Nullwave Shielding (*) 21.4GHz
Shields the effects of the Nullwave Transmitter.

Optimizer (Energy) 00100z
Reduces the Psi cost of Energy powers.

Optimizer (Morph) 00100z
Reduces the initial Psi cost of Morph powers.

Optimizer (Telepathy) 00100z
Reduces the Psi cost of Telepathic powers.

Pistol Critical++
Increases the critical chance rate when firing pistols.

Potentializer 23-0948Si
Increases maximum Psi pool by 50.

Psi Reflect >(*)< rev609-1
Chance to reflect a Psi attack.

PsiV-AMP .24
Sneak Attacks restore a small amount of Psi.

Psychoactive Charger S-i286
Slowly regenerate Psi over time.

Psycholitic Converter =/~
It lets you use your HP to cast powers when the Psi meter is empty.

Psychoshock Amp +6qw5
Boosts the amount of damage done by Psychoshock.

Psychoshock Shielding (*) 21.4GHz
Grants resistance to Psychoshock.

ReActivator x2t-00
Decreases the cooldown time of Psi powers.

RecoverE++ 2094i
Enhances the regeneration rate of Health.

Shotgun Critical++
Increases the critical chance rate when firing the shotgun.

SpeedScan 001Si
Decreases the amount of time needed to complete a scan.

Superthermal Amp +6qw5
Boosts the amount of damage done by Superthermal.

Wrench Critical++
Increases the critical chance rate when attacking with a wrench.

Zero Point Psi 19-03weOS
You have a chance to cast a Psi power without any cost.

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