Prey 2017 Before I Give You the Key Walkthrough

In our Prey 2017 Before I Give You the Key Mission Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about accessing Alex’s Office and scanning the Coral.

The entire ‘Before I Give You the Key’ mission revolves around Morgan trying to retrieve the Arming Key from Alex. However, Alex said he would give us the key if we got to his office and watched a short video that would clear everything up.

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Prey 2017 Before I Give You the Key

Accessing Alex’s Office

Firstly, head inside Alex’s office and speak to him over the comms. Now open the Workstations Utilities Tab and select LG Controls to play the video on Alex’s Looking Glass.

I do not wish to dive into the contents of the video. Once the video concludes, Alex will contact you again and explain a way to stop the Typhon without blowing up the Talos 1 Space Station.

In order to do this, you must conduct the scans of the Coral outside the station. Before proceeding to Talos 1 Exterior, collect everything you can inside Alex’s office.

Completing the Scan

Exit Alex’s Office and proceed towards Talos 1 Exterior. On your way, you will receive a call from January reiterating that scanning the Coral seems like the best course of action.

Head towards the Talos 1 Exterior to encounter multiple enemies. While fighting enemies, you will receive another call from Alex, asking you to hurry up.

After clearing the area, head to the first Coral Node, scan it with Psychoscope, and install the Coral Detector 64Si Chipset. Now complete the second scan and return to Alex’s Office.

Returning to Alex’s Office

After returning to Alex’s Office, collect all the items and upload the scan data.

In order to do so, access Alex’s workstation and select Coral Data Management tab under Utilities to upload the scan data. At this point, you will learn about Commander Walter Dahl entering the Talos 1 Space Station.

You need to eliminate the Military Operators entering Alex’s Office using your EMP Charges and Disruptor Stun Gun. Alternatively, you can simply hack the Military Operators using the Hacking Level 4 Skill to make things a whole lot easier.

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