Prey 2 in Development? Websites Changed, Hidden Facebook Page Spotted

Prey 2 was officially announced back in October 2012, got delayed the very next month, got handed over to Arkane Studios in 2013 and was officially cancelled by Bethesda in 2014.

All this time, there have been so many fans being swooped high and low due to the game going into limo and whatnot. However, we might have yet another interesting development for our readers!

Prey 2 New Incoming?

The two websites, and are owned by ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda, and have been in limbo just like the fan wishes. However, something changed about both the websites that suggests something might be up.

What happened is that if you open up either one of those two websites now, you will see that they have started to redirect to a Facebook page that appears to be private right now.

The link of the said Facebook page also has Prey 2 in its URL; and although there is no way to find out who is running the page, we know that the websites are owned by the IP owners which means it is only them who could have done something like this.

It could be that they are planning to use the Facebook page to announce something about Prey 2, could it be a rebirth finally?

What gives weight to this speculation is another rumor from about two weeks ago when it was claimed that the game is going to get back to life at E3 2016 with an official announcement and reveal trailer.

After the game was cancelled by Bethesda is 2014 this was the first time that the name of Prey 2 was heard anywhere, and within two weeks from that we have had another mention. Fingers crossed people!

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