How to Prepare Yourself for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion

Although Monster Hunter: World Iceborne has not been released yet, we know a just a tad bit about the humongous expansion. The aura around this is that it would rival if not leave the previous entries in dust given what it would be bringing to the game!

Preparing for Monster Hunter: Iceborne Expansion

This is why we are compiling this guide to try to cover possible new features for the massive update. We would be taking a stab at it based on previous hints from Capcom.


Players from the Monster Hunter: World should be well aware of the Cold Drink. Although it appears rarely but is important in some areas of Elder’s Recess in the battle against Lunastra.

This drink protects against damage from overheated areas.

The OG Players also know about its counterpart, the Hot Drink. It keeps you from freezing to death as well as preventing your stamina from draining. We are expecting these to appear in the new title update as well.

This time we will see an easier crafting process for the Hot Drink. The Cool drinks take only one Chill Shroom in Monster Hunter: World Hot drinks function the same in Iceborne with the difference being that you can craft them from a single Hot Pepper.

Also, the Hoarfrost Reach region, the new addition to Iceborne, is full of Hot Pepper plantations. You should be able to cultivate the proper material from the Botanical Research Centre.


G Rank (and now Master Rank) is a special level of difficulty way above both Low Rank and High-Rank quests. Monster Hunter: World currently only has those two easier varieties of missions available to hunters.

To play Iceborne you need extremely high-level gear and you can prepare for the update by farming high-rank monsters for armor. Kushala Gamma, Legiana armor also provides high ice resistance.

Once the set of armors is to your desire, mix Armor Spheres and Steamstone to upgrade the armor even further. It will boost your physical resistance even though your ice resistance would stay the same.

Facing Nargacuga

Nargacuga is a nasty, bat-like creature with red eyes bloodthirsty eyes which joined the franchise in Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite.

The first trailer for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne ended with Nargacuga’s bright red eyes flashing across the screen. We have also seen him in the promotional material for the game.

Iceborne would also be having new species back such as creatures like the Acidic Glavenus. Nargacuga is weak to thunder and fire elemental damage, based on the previous information we have.

Hence weapons made in the Lavasioth, Azure Rathalos, and Kirin trees should be extremely effective.

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