Predator Hunting Grounds Tips and Tricks

In Predator Hunting Grounds, the Predator tries to hunt down the fireteam while the fireteam soldiers try to hunt it down to stop it in its tracks. In this guide, we have some Predator Hunting Grounds Tips and Tricks for the game.

Predator Hunting Grounds Tips and Tricks

These tips will help you understand and improve with the gameplay of both Predator as well as the different fireteam members and their loadouts.

Never engage a Full Squad
When playing as the Predator, it is essential that you try and hunt down the four members of the Fireteam one by one.

Engaging all 4 members at the same time will be a death sentence for the Predator.

You may think that your high health may be enough for the task, but if the Fireteam has strong weapons, you will not be able to pull off a 4 vs 1.

Try to separate Fireteam Members
The best method to take down the Fireteam is to initiate a more tactical approach and take your time to find a fireteam member away from the team to take him down.

Predator’s playstyle favors one-on-one fights. His melee weapons deal massive damage and perform best when attacking a single enemy.

Another way to maximize the Predator’s excellent ability to wipe out one member of the Fireteam is his powerful stealth kills.

Try to sneak up and take out a member of the Fireteam if you have the positioning.

Attack the Fireteam when distracted
During a match, the fireteam will be occasionally attacked by some AI. When they are engaged in these fights, you will have a great chance to pickoff a member of the fireteam.

The firefights between AI and Fireteam will be huge. The Fireteam will most likely be in cover so try to flank them from back to pickoff 1 or maybe even 2 members!

Stick to the Objective
Unlike the Predator, the Fireteam will have several objectives to complete.

The main objective obviously is to hunt down the Predator. But whatever task you choose to pursue, make sure that the whole team sticks to it so that you all stay close.

Beware of the Hunt
The Predator has tracking vision that he can use to hunt you and your team down. He won’t always have this ability ready so be aware at all time of the predator’s hunt.

Keep close
You will want to avoid straying too far from your pack if you’re playing as the fireteam.

The predator excels in one-on-one fights so avoid giving him the opportunity to pounce on you when you are away from your team.

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