Predator Hunting Grounds Classes Guide

Predator: Hunting Grounds pits a team of humans and a Predator against each other to see if the humans can fight off the killing machine or get mauled by them. Both the humans and Predators have different classes that we will explain in this Predator Hunting Grounds Classes guide.

These playable classes govern what kind of role the player plays in the battlefield, their strengths and weaknesses in certain situations and more.

Predator Hunting Grounds Classes

As of right now, there are four unique classes available for humans and three for the Predator.

Human Classes

Assault is the default class for humans and it has overall well-balanced stats. Its main purpose is to be ahead of the rest of the squad and handle the combat objectives to progress the mission.

This class is probably the best one to choose if you’re just starting out in the game and are not familiar with the mechanics and gameplay.

Scout is the class for those people who love agility and being able to sprint around the map.

With this class, you can move about and find the perfect spot to snipe the opponents. Only when you absolutely need to, you can get up close and personal with them.

The Support is the tank of the team. Their aim is to take the bulk of enemy damage and protect their team from it.

This class will give you a ton of health and damage resistance, at the cost of low damage. You’ll want to move ahead of the squad and keep them protected behind you.

Not much info can be found about this class right now; so we’ll update this as soon as it becomes available.


The Hunter class is basically the Alpha Predator. This class is very versatile with its agility and high-damage.

The Plasma Caster will help you take down targets from long-range, the wrist blades will allow you to easily take down enemies in close-range combat and the Infrared Vision will let you stalk enemies while you hide behind cover and remain unseen.

The Scout class is extremely fast and agile, but the downside is that they have low health and damage resistance.

When playing this class, you’ll want to snipe your enemies from long-range, while hiding behind cover.

The Berserker is the tank of the Predators. This class will give you a ton of health and damage resistance, at the cost of very low speed and agility.