Here Is How You Can Pre-Load Black Ops 4 Without A Code

Players always try to find ways around the complexities to get started on playing the game ASAP. The PC players for the latest Call of Duty installment have finally got a lead on this matter. Users have discovered how they can pre-load Black Ops 4 without a code.

All users are aware that to play the Call of Duty game a account is mandatory. The online gaming platform only allows access to the game through user accounts. The players which did not have these accounts might have got what they have been searching for.

As it stands, the beta installed for the game is the way in to pre-load Black Ops 4. If any user was lazy enough to not delete the beta it might turn in their favor after all. The betas get automatic updates for some reason into the full version of the game.

It first surfaced on the Reddit discussions where one user described how it was possible:

‘Go into your file explorer folder that has installed. Shift+click on any white space and click on “Open PowerShell Window Here.”

Then type in this code: .\ –game=viper –install’

This does not mean at all that players can access the game right way but it helps in setting things straight. Users can be ready to put in the code once they have set up the pre-load. Moreover, Activision has not planned for this to happen so a fix could be in works already.

Furthermore, the day one update for the game could delay the players wait to enjoy the game even more. Besides the full game size is 50 GB as well. So, to be ready for the game there are certain things you should know beforehand. Some stores are reportedly going to allow early pick-ups at the release of the game.

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