Pre-download Xbox One X 4K Textures In Order To Make The Upgrade Smoother

Microsoft is trying to make the transition to the Xbox One X a bit easier by allowing users that own the Xbox One or Xbox One S to pre-download the 4K textures so that they do not spend the launch day downloading these updates. If you own an Xbox One then this will allow you to make the switch quicker.

The Xbox One X can run some Xbox One games at Native 4K resolution but in order to do so you will need to download the 4K textures and that can take a lot of time as the file sizes are huge. keeping in mind the data caps that people have, this could be a problem. But Microsoft is letting people download these textures in advance.

There are more than 100 games that feature Xbox One X enhancement but all 100 games will not have these enhancements at launch. Microsoft has not specified the games that can be pre-downloaded yet but the company has given clear instructions regarding how you can quickly move your data.

If you own a previous Xbox One console then you can use an external HDD to backup your games and when you plug it into the Xbox One X, your library will be there. If you do not have an external hard drive then you can use the wireless network option to transfer files from one console to the other.

If the Xbox One X is the only console that you have then you will need to download files and textures. There is no work around for that. You can check out the image below for details.

Xbox One X

This should make the upgrade much faster and easier for users provided that they either have a big enough external hard drive or a fast internet connection. Do check out the details regarding the Xbox One X Scorpio engine here.

Let us know what you think about pre-downloadable Xbox One X 4K textures and how you are going to transfer all that data.

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