Capcom Might Show Pragmata Gameplay At TGS 2021

It appears that developer-and-publisher Capcom might finally be lifting the curtain on Pragmata more than a year after its announcement.

According to a schedule leaked (via 4chan) earlier today, Capcom will be sharing gameplay footage for Pragmata during its presentation at Tokyo Game Show 2021 (TGS 2021) Online at the end of the month.

Pragmata was announced back in June 2020 with a teaser trailer which only raised more questions. The game somehow involves an android astronaut, a holographic cat, and a young girl in a dystopian near-future where players will be exploring a unique lunar world. The official blurb further teases that players will experience “a profound story and setting” with “cutting edge visuals.”

Pragmata remains in development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The game was scheduled to launch in 2022 but was then delayed to 2023. Capcom debuting gameplay footage will certainly help understand what the mysterious game is all about and hence make it easier to wait out another year.

Provided that the leaked TGS 2021 Online schedule is indeed legitimate, Capcom will also be premiering a Resident Evil: Village DLC teaser, a Resident Evil 25th anniversary special announcement, a new Ace Attorney announcement, and a new Monster Hunter Stories expansion announcement.

The official live stream schedule for TGS 2021 Online was announced just a few hours back and confirms that a “Capcom Online Program” will be “delivering the latest game information of Capcom” at TGS 2021 Online on September 30, 2021. Capcom however remains to confirm what exactly it will be showcasing.

Take note that Square Enix will also be appearing at TGS 2021 Online, hopefully to share some gameplay footage for its Project Athia which remains as much as mystery as Pragmata. Both games were also delayed around the same month earlier in the year.

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