More Powerful Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio, and Multiple New Xbox Devices Incoming

Oh boy, this came in so big and so fast it will take time before we are able to digest all of it. Multiple new leaks are revealing a lot about Microsoft’s plans for the future of Xbox, including a much more powerful Xbox One, a new console codenamed Xbox Scorpio, an Xbox Mini and much more!

Before we dig any further do keep in mind that all these are unconfirmed reports so take them with a grain of salt.

That being said, the first rumor is that of a new console codenamed Xbox Scorpio, which, according to anonymous insiders, is going to come with a much more powerful GPU as well as Oculus Rift support.

Xbox Scorpio, or whatever the real name will be, is going to come out in 2017.

Next up is reiteration of a speculation regarding the much talked about Xbox Mini. The source of the aforementioned leak (which is Kotaku) as well as known YouTuber Brad Sams, both say that it is indeed coming. The reveal is expected at E3, in fact.

Sams also says that an Xbox One with 4K video playback support is also going to be launched. This could actually be the same Xbox Scorpio that the leak above is talking about. Any how, this one is apparently not going to have 4K gaming, unlike what you would expect.

Whether it is related or not, Sams is also claiming that Microsoft’s future plans for Xbox include “new hardware infrastructure” as well as built-in VR – that last part suggests these two consoles are the same.

That is not all, Microsoft is apparently going to reveal two streaming devices at E3 2016 as well. One will be the size of a lunchbox and cost $175 – $150 while the other will be the size of a Chromecast and cost $100. Needless to say, the former will have more streaming power, but it will also have the ability to run apps as well as games!

We are not sure whether all these supposed leaks about the new Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio, Xbox Mini or the streaming devices are true or not, but looking at the individually, one can tell that each one is the type of a project that Microsoft would really take up.

What do you think?

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