Potential Assassin’s Creed Compilation Leaked For The PS4, Xbone And Switch

Assassin’s Creed Compilation, the name for a possible upcoming Ubisoft game may have been accidentally leaked. A German retailer by the name of MediaMarkt listed “Assassin’s Creed Compilation” for the three platforms with a set release date of March 29th. That’s a Friday release, very common for big game releases.

Assuming this leak to be authentic, what could Assassin’s Creed Compilation be? A remastered collection perhaps as the name implies. Although that would be a huge collection to just packed into one.

The Ezio collection was a more recent release, reminiscent of what the compilation implies. It brought back Assassin’s Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelations as an HD remaster. These games centered around the protagonist, Ezio Auditore.

The presence of the Ezio collection puts me into doubt of the Assassin’s Creed compilation entailing the same collection again. I mean they can’t go further than HD already since it’s the same generation of platforms.

Perhaps compilation will be an HD remake of just the main games. Which means Assassin’s Creed 1-4 since the ones after them are the current gen’s AC games.

The first till the fourth installments were more or less on the last generation of consoles, hence why an HD remaster can be cashed in on by Ubisoft.

Though a compilation doesn’t necessarily have to be an HD remaster. It can also just be the games as they were, just collected and compiled as the name suggests. Similar to what Genesis games do.

The issue with that is the popularity and age of the Assassin’s Creed series. While it is a classic in this day and age, it’s not nearly enough to be considered vintage or retro. People won’t appreciate an unchanged AC as much as they would appreciate an unchanged Metal Slug.

Assassin’s Creed compilation could, however, focus on the spin-off games rather than the main ones. There’s a lot of space and material there with games like Assassin’s Creed Rogue, an underrated gem that was overlooked by the main games. Others include Liberation, Syndicate and Unity even.

People have lost track of some of the series lore and story due to how much the games are scattered around. An Assassin’s Creed Compilation would help collect and better catch up with whatever was missed out.

The most important thing to note, however, is that this leak was unofficially provided by a German retailer. So it’s most likely that the game doesn’t even exist. And if it does, it may just be a temporary name that Ubisoft is using. The next game may be something different altogether.

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