Possible Xbox Scorpio UI Screenshot Leaked From Microsoft Event

A possible Xbox Scorpio UI screenshot has apparently been leaked from Microsoft’s Build 2017 event in Washington state, showing off how the console’s dashboard will look when you start it up. The UI appears to be much easier to use than the original Xbox One’s own dashboard, and it’s translucent to boot.

This marks yet another piece of information about the Xbox Scorpio that we’ve gotten over the past few months. While it’s not as interesting to look at as the specs, it could be a step that Microsoft is taking to make the Scorpio dashboard easier to work with than the original Xbox One.

The possible Xbox Scorpio UI actually looks more fluid than the Xbox One’s dashboard. You’re able to switch to other pinned apps very quickly, and you can even do it, apparently, while playing a different game.

A significant problem with the Xbox One has been its UI, which many people have often criticized as obtrusive, unintuitive, and annoying to use in general. If the UI that we can see in the screenshot is actually a thing, we might also expect to see it on the regular Xbox One. Microsoft has often updated the Xbox One UI to make it better, so this isn’t really out of nowhere.

possible Xbox Scorpio UI

We’ll likely get to see if the possible Xbox Scorpio UI is legitimate when E3 rolls around, since that’s when Microsoft is most likely to reveal the Scorpio before its release in the later part of this year.

However, the console’s showing at the E3 2017 event could make or break its fortunes for the future. Nielsen has predicted that it won’t sell well when it releases as more people want the Playstation 4 Pro (the same way more people buy a Playstation 4 than an Xbox One) but hopefully E3 will go well for Microsoft and the Scorpio will have a good showing.