Possible New Batman Game Coming, Rocksteady Hints

Rocksteady Studios, the studio that developed the Batman Arkham games, has apparently dropped hints that a possible new Batman game may be coming, as they’ve begun motion capture on a new title. Whether it’s an actual Batman game or not remains to be seen, but it does mean that Rocksteady is back.

Ever since the studio wrapped up the Batman Arkham series (for all intents and purposes) with Arkham Knight, there hasn’t really been much from Rocksteady. While the studio did put out the Oculus Rift title “Batman Arkham VR“, that was only a short niche title for the Playstation VR, rather than a full game. It was also just an interquel game that didn’t really have any bearing on the rest of the Arkham series.

The possibility of a new Batman game comes from the studio posting a picture of the studio’s motion capture room, which the studio called “the calm before the storm.” Interestingly enough the tweet also got a retweet and response from Troy Baker, who voiced Jason Todd in Arkham Knight and Batman Arkham VR, along with Two-Face in Arkham Knight.

Whether Troy Baker is also involved in whatever game that Rocksteady is making to use their motion capture room remains to be seen, but if it’s a possible new Batman game we may be seeing Jason Todd in action again, maybe even taking up the role of Batman with the way that Arkham Knight ended.

But once again, there’s no actual confirmation that whatever Rockstead is working on is a possible new Batman game. While it would be cool to see, Arkham Knight wrapped up the Batman series pretty well, at least in that canon. Either way, whatever the studio is working on, hopefully it will turb out to be something on par with Batman even if it’s not an actual Batman game.