Portal 2 Cheats, Achievements, Unlockables, and Easter Eggs

Everything you can unlock in Portal 2 PC/Mac version with brief guides to earn the most difficult achievements and trophies in the game. Our Portal 2 Cheats, Achievements, Unlockables and Easter Eggs guide has it all.

Portal 2 Cheats, Achievements, Unlockables, and Easter Eggs

How to Unlock Alternate Title Screen
Complete the game once to unlock the alternate title screen.

Easter Eggs

Super 8 Level
Go Extra’s menu on PC/MAC version of the game to select a bonus level “Super 8.” Super 8 is based on Spielberg’s upcoming movie of the same name.


Portrait of a Lady
In the beginning of Chapter 7: The Reunion, on the catwalks between tests 1971-01 and 1971-02, facing the entrance to the 02 room, create a portal on the wall to your right and look for another pad you can shoot your portal through the game and past the stairs to the left. You will find an office on the other side of the portal with a large Portrait of Cave Johnson and Caroline. Stare on the Portrait to earn this achievement/Trophy.

P-Body Sighting
P-Body is a major Easter egg in Portal 2. It can come in sight as you enter Chamber 15 during chapter 8. Wheatley sets up few test chambers for you and in order to create an exit he breaks some walls. The moment these walls are broken, a P-Body can be seen creating a gateway

You need to solve Test Chamber 10 in Chapter 2 in under 70 seconds to earn this achievement. Read through our Portal 2 Walkthrough to know how-to do that.

Door Prize
Penetrate the 1960s Aperture facility at the beginning of the chapter and fly through the aperture logo to reach an area with a large elevator.

Use the elevator shaft as a gravity boost to get across to the platform. On one end of this platform are three of these Vitrified Doors. Listen to the audio by pressing the buttons in front of these doors.

Play through the level until you get to the area where Cave starts talking about testing on hobos. Below these test spheres and a giant Aperture logo is a room marked Control Room in yellow.

Use the portal to get above the Control Room and enter a small office. Find a cabinet in the corner of this offer that has a door behind it. Enter the door and you will find a secret passage leading to a dock. You will find the remaining Vitrified doors here and earn the achievement.

Ship Overboard
From the secret hallway we found in the last achievement, go till the end you will end up at docks. At the end of passage, you will find an orange life preserver marked “BOREALIS.” Examine it get this achievement/trophy. It’s a reference to the Aperture ship Borealis seen at the end of Half Life 2: Episode 2.

Schrodinger’s Catch
Play through Chapter 6: The Fall till you reach the 1958 28th room. Enter the room and you will notice a cube trapped in a glass box, while blue gel streams out of the pipe in one corner of the room. Save your progress here as it can get tricky.

Now, you must shoot a portal under the gel and over the crate to get the cube in motion. It will then be able to break the glass with its momentum. When it does, you need to catch this cube before it touches the ground. Trick is to stand between the entrance and gel hoping the cube comes flying your way.

No Hard Feelings
While playing through Chapter 5, you will come across the conveyor belts carrying droids to the incinerator. Get on the conveyor belt by using a portal and walk until a droid with a working laser appears. Pick it up to unlock this achievement/trophy.

Final Transmission
For this Portal 2 Unlockable, get the radio that shows up in a clump of garbage after you hit a button into a window above the chamber in Chapter 2, Test Chamber 6. After picking up the radio, backtrack through the level and place a portal on the pad across from the window.

Now, use the launchers to get through portal and enter the room across the window with radio in hand. From there, carry the radio up to the wall to unlock the final transmission achievement/trophy.

Singing Turrets
Turrets may look like some innocent and adorable androids. However, what makes these little androids dangerous is the full pack of bullets that they carry. In order to encounter them, you’ll have to drop down below Test Chamber 16 in a secret zone. This secret zone can be found in chapter 3 so don’t panic! Also, did you notice “Chell” written on the android’s bullets? If not then you can locate these androids and see for yourself.

Rat Hole
Chapter 3, Test Chamber 17 is where you’ll find yet another Rat Hole. Head up the opened ventilation shaft by using the Blue light bridge in the room and you’ll end up on the Rat Hole territory. This is probably the easiest way to get up there.

Potato Powered Flux Capacitor
Yes! you heard it right, a Flux Capacitor powered by a Potato. You can find this latest technology in Chapter 5; when Whilst Wheatley helps you cover the dark areas. Simply head to the Bring Your Daughter to Work exhibition and you’ll find this machine.

Chell’s potato
Chell’s Potato is a mutant Potato that seems to be growing in the Bring Your Daughter to Work exhibition. Many players couldn’t find this Easter Egg when playing Portal 2 for the first time and if you look closely at the background of this Potato, you can see “by Chell” written on it, coincidence?

Vitrified Doors
Using the intercom on all five Verified Doors grant you the Door Prize achievement. In order to find these doors, you’ll have to search for them in an order. The first two doors can be found near the set of Repulsion Gel test chambers (once you exit the long elevator ride, you’ll find the doors). The last three can be found in the control room

Pit Boss
After Wheatley’s Surprise just when you need to run away from Wheatley to avoid getting crushed by bunch of arms he sends. Instead of keep running on the catwalks, stop nearby. Wheatley will plead with you to come back. He will ask you to jump in the pit, doing so will earn you the Pit Boss achievement.

Preservation of Mass
Keep track of the companion cube in Chamber 7 of Chapter 2. You need to grab it at the end of the level after using it. Ignore GLadOS’s and carry it through the broken “Emancipation Grill” at the end of the chamber to unlock this achievement/trophy.

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