PoPoLoCrois RPG Back In Japan As Harvest Moon Mix

There’s a new PoPoLoCrois planned for release on Nintendo 3DS in Japan. Maybe, if we’re lucky with the tie-ins it’s receiving, we’ll be able to get it in Western regions as well.

First off, remember PoPoLoCrois? For most of us, the name will only sound familiar if you’ve played a little PSP roleplaying game (RPG) a long time ago, a rather obscure one at that.

Still, PoPoLoCrois does have its fan base and in Japan particularly, the franchise had a popular manga series and spawned a few more games in line of Final Fantasy Tactics during the PS1 and PS2 era. For its renewed iteration, the name will tie itself to the Harvest Moon series.

The merger is dubbed as PoPoLoCrois Farm Story, according to Siliconera. It will feature both tactical RPG battles as well as the farm management known from the harvesting series.

There may be some confusion as to how the Harvest Moon tie-in is involved in game, since the brand has gone through some weird structural changes recently. Last year, North America switched the publishing deals from the series from Natsume to Xseed Games.

However, since Natsume still retains the name of Harvest Moon, the newly published Xseed titles will be called Story of Seasons instead. In turn, Natsume will work on their own brand of Harvest Moon titles, with the first one being announced as Harvest Moon: the Lost Valley.

Still, both publishers are known to bring over quite a few titles in their localization effort, so we may see the PoPoLoCrois title at some point.

While some may find the PoPoLoCrois games a bit sluggish, the slow pace may find its fit with the Harvest Moon management genre. They also both have a more cute, cartoon appearance that might be symbiotic.

As always, sound off if you’d like to see this headed our way.

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