Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon QR Codes List – Dragonite, Rowlet, Shiny Litten

Pokemon Sun and Moon released with a unique feature of scanning QR codes to get the Pokemon you want. The features return for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and we have all the QR codes you need.

Through these Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon QR codes you can get a range of different Pokemon including Rowlet, Dragonite, Shiny Litten, Torracat, Brionne, and more. Keep in mind that codes from the original Pokemon Sun and Moon work in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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Pokemon Sun / Moon QR Codes

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon has sold over one million copies and is one of the most successful Pokemon games of recent times.

There are some special Pokemon that can not be obtained via QR codes. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are now available on 3DS. The game is not available on Nintendo Switch and currently, there are no plans to bring these games to Switch.

Which Pokemon are your favorite? Share your picks in the comments below.

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