Pokemon Trading Card Game Gets a New Expansion

A new expansion has been introduced by the Pokemon company, for its long running Pokemon Trading Card Game franchise.

The company has decided to name this new expansion as ‘Pokemon Trading Card Game: XY – Furious Fists,” which will introduce two new Mega Evolution Pokemon with the first one called Mega Lucario-EX and the other is called Mega Heracross-EX.

In addition to that, it will also come with four new full art Pokemon-EX rare ultra cards, alongside five additional Pokemon-EX cards.

Furthermore, the company revealed that it is going to bring numerous Fossil Pokemon cards from the Kalos region, and also include at least eighteen new trainers.

Pokemon Trading Card Game has been going on since 1996, in which players are given the role of a Pokemon trainer and then they are tasked to use their creatures in the battles.

Players use their attacks to reduce the HP of the opponents and upon completely depleting it, the other player is knocked out and the winner takes a prize card for himself.

There are several types of cards that are used for this game – Basic Pokemon, Evolved Pokemon, Fossil Cards, ex cards, EX cards, LV.X cards, Supporter cards, Trainer cards and a lot more.

So, are you interested in the new Pokemon Trading Card Game: XY – Furious Fists introduced by the Pokemon Company for Pokemon Trading Card Game?

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