New Pokemon Sword And Shield Trailer Shows New Pokemon, Gym Leaders, More Dynamaxing

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer was released by Nintendo today, showing off a number of new Pokemon along with new gym leaders and more of the Dynamaxing mechanic that will be one of the hallmarks of the games. The games’ release date, however, is still a while away though, in November.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is promising a large number of new Pokemon to go along with the new Galar region, though many players are still angry that only Pokemon that are already in Galar will be able to be transferred through the Pokemon Bank system.

The new Pokemon that we saw in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer number four, though it’s more like three because one has already been revealed. To start off with, we have Alcremie, a Fairy-type that’s continuing the Fairy-type tradition of looking like ice cream.

Alcremie’s special ability is Sweet Veil, which prevents it and any of its allies from falling asleep, meaning it’s immune to moves like Hypnosis and Sleeping Powder. It used to be the signature ability of Swirlix and Slurpuff, though whether it will be the same this generation is unknown.

The next Pokemon, which we already know about, was Yamper, the Electric-type corgi-looking Pokemon, with its special ability “Ball Fetch”, which will have it retrieve a Poke Ball that you otherwise would have lost while trying to catch a wild Pokemon.

Third we have the Rock-type Rolycoly, which has two different abilities, Steam Engine (which increases its speed when hit with a Water or Fire-type move) and Heatproof (which weakens the power of Fire-type moves).

Fourth and last is Duraludon, a Steel/Dragon type that has a rivalry with Tyrannitar due to them both sharing the same environment. It has the abilities Light Metal and Heavy Metal, which halve or double Duraludon’s weight, respectively.

The trailer also introduced the Gigantimax mechanic, which is more powerful than Dynamaxing and even changes the forms of multiple Pokemon like Alcremie, Corviknight, and Drednaw. These Pokemon also gain access to more powerful G-moves.

Finally, multiple new Galar region gym leaders were also revealed in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer. These include Allister, the Ghost-type leader, Bea, the Fighting-type leader. Each of them will be version-exclusive. Bea will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword, while Allister will only be available in Pokemon Shield.

You’ll be able to experience all of these new mechanics and Pokemon when Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on the Nintendo Switch on November 15 of this year.