Pokemon Sword And Shield Sales Break 6 Million In First Three Days

The Pokemon site Serebii has just announced that Pokemon Sword and Shield sales have broken 6 million units sold in its first weekend. This makes the newest pair of Pokemon games the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch hardware in history, even in spite of the controversy leading up to the game’s release date.

While it’s only been two years since the previous Pokemon entry, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Sword and Shield is the first main Pokemon game to come out since Sun and Moon originally did back in 2016, and its success means that the time was perfectly ripe to release a new one.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is the first mainline Pokemon game to be released on the Nintendo Switch, though back in 2018 the Pokemon Let’s Go games came out on that console, a pair of games that were intended to be more introductory to Pokemon using the mechanics of Pokemon Go.

However, despite how large Pokemon Sword and Shield sales figures have been, the games’ release isn’t without controversy. A sizable portion of Pokemon players were angered by the number of available Pokemon only being 400, and many of their models and animations being supposedly recycled despite the game being on the more powerful Switch.

Despite these criticisms, however, the game has proven to be quite well-reviewed by most outlets, and its sales figures being the highest in the Nintendo Switch’s history are also something that can’t be mistaken for its popularity despite unrealistic flaws.

While Sword and Shield appears to be a proof-of-concept for other ideas such as the game’s Wild Area and other new mechanics, it’s good to know that it’s still a big success so far. Hopefully the Pokemon Sword and Shield sales will increase over the next few weeks as well, especially with Thanksgiving coming up.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are currently available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.