Pokemon Sword and Shield Toxapex Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Toxapex is yet another dangerous Pokemon of type Poison & Water. Having deadly Merciless, Limber and Regenerator abilities, this is a bit rare type of Pokemon and the complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Toxapex Locations guide on where to find and how to evolve is as follow.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Toxapex Locations

Mareanie is also a water and poison type Pokemon which you can find around the map quite easily.

Mareanie is evolved into a Toxapex, which is the more deadly version of Mareanie and then acquires the following abilities:

  • Merciless: Inflicting a critical hit against the poisoned
  • Limber: Cannot be paralyzed!
  • Regenerator: A hidden ability of regenerating health to 1/3 of max HP whenever Toxapex switches out.

So to evolve it, all you need to do is to upgrade the level of your Mareanie to 38 and it will automatically evolve into a Toxapex.

Toxapex Location
If you are looking for the easier way out, finding a Mareanie will be a bit easier as there are more chances of finding a Mareanie around the map near the water areas.

However, if you are specifically hunting for a Toxapex, you need to search the following areas:

In this area, if level of your Pokemon is between 39-43, you have 20% chances of finding a Toxapex here, in any weather.

  • Outer Spikemuth, Route 9:

If your level is between 40 to 44, you have a 5% chance of finding a Toxapex in this area under the Normal Weather environment.

Also, to capture one, you need to come across the water area and look for it as it doesn’t specifically spawns near the land or grass areas.

To capture it, you need to battle against it and capture it using the traditional capturing methods.

When it comes to base stats, the main strength of a Toxapex is Defense and Special Defense. Its defense is 152 and special defense is 142.

Though it is weak against Ground, Psychic and Electric-type Pokemon but strong against a huge variety of Pokemon such as a Fighting-type, Poison-type, Bug-type, Fairy type, Steel type, Fire-type, Water-type and Ice-type.

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