Pokemon Sword and Shield Slumbering Weald Walkthrough

When playing Sword and Shield you will come across Slumbering Weald in your adventure. In this guide, we will discuss hidden collectible locations, appearance rates for any wild Pokemon, and a strategy to navigate towards the Grass Badge. Without any further wait, let’s continue on with our Pokemon Sword and Shield Slumbering Weald walkthrough.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Slumbering Weald

The Pokemon discovered in the Slumbering Weald are:

A pretty common Squirrel Normal-type Pokemon you can find in patches of grass and shadowy areas in Slumbering Weald

Another common Pokemon with a rarity of 20-30% found in grassy and shadow areas

You have a 10-20% chance of encountering this in grass and shadow areas

The rarest Pokemon in Slumbering Weald

Found in the shadows of the area with spawn chance of 15%

When you enter the woods full of fog and mystery then the first thing you will see is a nice big patch of grass and those who have already played Pokemon know what this means.

Tall grass always corresponds to Pokemon encounters which mean that need to prepare yourself for a fight.

Your Pokemon will be healed by Hop who is just beyond the grass in case you want to chat. He will be acting as your own personal and portable Pokemon Center and where ever you go, he will catch up to you by running.

The path through Slumbering Weald is very easy to follow. You will come across grass and then emptiness and then some grass again and then emptiness again.

The path is straightforward without any junctions so it will take you straight to the point when the fog will start to become thicker and there will be a straight path ahead of you.

This whole path would be a bit creepy for you even though you will only come across a simple bird and a cute little squirrel during that and these are the wild Pokemon that you will catch.

At last, you would reach Hop and there would be nothing else around or there could be, we are not sure as there is so much fog around you wouldn’t be able to see anything. After a while you will see a shadow appearing from the fog.

This might be the game’s legendary… yes, that’s right, this is the one that also appears on the cover of the box.

You will be in a battle with it but your attacks will be of no use. You will attack thrice and after that the fog will take over and Leon will find you as well as the Woloo in the woods.

The difference of this encounter between both versions of the game will be that this time you will be that if you are playing Pokemon Shield, you will see Zamazenta and if you are playing Sword you will encounter Zacian in Slumbering Weald.

When you get back to Postwick you will have to talk to your mom and as you have visited the one place that your mother advised you to not to go at, naturally she will reward you with cash, pretty normal for moms in the Pokemon world.

When you talk to mom again, it will heal you Pokemon and then you have to go back to Route 1.

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