Pokemon Sword and Shield Slumbering Weald Shrine Battles Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a game where winning something doesn’t mean that the game is over. There are still many places to explore, many Pokemon to encounter and many battles to take part in. Pokemon Sword and Shield Slumbering Weald Shrine Battles are an example of those battles where even if you lose, you gain something.

In this guide, we’ve given a full walkthrough of the battles you’ll have in Slumbering Weald Shrine and tips on how to win them.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Slumbering Weald Shrine Battles

Slumbering Weald is probably the earliest places you’ll visit in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Simply return to Slumbering Weald and visit the shrine at the end, and run into your best friend Hop. Hop wants to return the Rusted Sword and Shield. But as they say, you can’t trust anyone! Hop will challenge you to a battle.

He has five Pokemons. Dubwool, Corviknight, Pincurchin, Snorlax and a Cramorant.

When facing Dubwool and Corviknight, be sure to use a Fire Type against them as they are vulnerable towards Fire attacks. Pincurchin is an Electric Type therefore use a Ground attack on it. Snorlax is just there, since he’s too lazy to fight, use a fighting move against it.

Finally, the last one, Cramorant is a Flying/Water type, use an Electric-type to take it out.

After the battle is over, Sonia comes and gives you Sonia’s Book. If you’ve reached this part in the game then head directly to the pedestal and put the legendary items where they originally belong.

This is where the game gets really annoying. The Duo of Sordard and Shielbert end up stealing those legendary items and in order to retrieve them, you’ll have to battle these guys.

Since it’s not a fair competition, you’ll be assisted by Hop just to make it a fair battle. If you’re in Pokemon Sword, you’ll take on Sordard while Hop takes on Shielbert.

You’ll have to watch out for Sordard’s Sirfetch’d, Golisopod, Doublade and Bisharp.

Use flying moves when facing Sirfetch’d and Golisopod and Fire attacks against Doublade and Bisharp. They might be big, but the bigger you are the harder you fall!

In Pokemon Shield, you’ll go against Shielbert. He’ll use his Sirfetch’d, Bronzong, Falinks and Klinklang. But on the other side of the battle, Hop loses and Shilbert gets away with the Rusty Shield.

There is no need to be sad about the loss. Go visit Sonia’s lab in Wedgehurst (go inside the house through the purple roof on the right side).

Once in, Sonia will hand over a Power Spot Detector to you. This device helps you find the duo. If you defeated them before, you’ll defeat them again.

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