Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon Count Is Getting Out of Hand, Says Developer

No more “Got to catch ’em all” in Pokémon Sword and Shield. From the 90’s the Pokemon franchise has had one slogan: “Got to catch them all.” It was even in the main song of anime adaptation and the core meme of the series. However with Pokemon Sword and Shield that is no longer the case.

Pokemon Sword and Shield restricts players from catching every Pokemon and from transferring Pokemon outside the in-game Pokemon regions. The game has an impressive roster of over 1000 Pokemon to choose from. The Pokemon count is getting out of hand so developers needed a solution.

The Nintendo Switch has its limitation and handling that many characters (Pokemon) are already a great feat in its own right. With future DLC things might change. Certain pokemon that are not catchable now will be made available later on especially for certain side quests. According to Game Freak producer Junichi Masuda:

The total number of Pokémon has exceeded 1000, including new Pokemon and the various forms of existing Pokémon. As a result, it has become extremely difficult to make Pokemon with a new personality play an active part and to balance their compatibility.

It’s not just about making the character models, its also making them fairly balanced, not making anyone Pokemon to powerful or game breaking. Yet some Pokemon have to be that, like Zacian and Zamazenta, the legendary wolf type pokemon and the flagship Pokemon for the game.

As gaming has evolved, gamers tend to overlook the difficulty in making so many in-game models and characters that the player uses. So even though this isn’t technically good new, its still not a news that should put of players. 1000+ Pokemon or even Charizard/Blastoise alone is enough for people to buy this game. The game released in November 2019 and has even companion app for android and ios devices.

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