Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Learn all about the electric and dark-type Morpeko and its location so you can capture it in Pokemon Sword and Shield with the help of this guide

Catching every Pokemon in the game and completing your Pokedex is one of the main objectives of Pokemon Sword and Shield. In your journey across Galar, one such generation 8 Pokemon you will encounter is Morpeko. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko Locations guide will tell you how to Catch and Evolve a Morpeko.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko Locations

Morpeko is a very strong and sharp Pokemon that is capable of dealing a lot of damage to others should you decide to add it to your party.

Morpeko is an Electric and Dark-type Pokemon which makes it strong and is especially useful against Flying, Steel, Electric, Ghost, Dark, and Psychic-type of Pokemon. It also makes Morpeko weak against Ground, Fighting, Bug, Fairy type Pokemon.

Morpeko Abilities
Hunger Switch: The Pokemon changes its form, alternating between its Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode after the end of each turn.

Morpeko is always hungry and will be eating seeds out of its pocket. Eating constantly generates electricity in Morpeko which helps it fight opponents.

Morpeko Stats
Morpeko has remarkable speed and attack which makes it a really worthy Pokemon in a lot of combat situations.

Morpeko’s base stats include 58 HP, 95 Attack, 70 SP Attack, 58 Defense, 58 SP Defense and 97 Speed Max IV Stats.

How to Catch and Evolve Morpeko
Morpeko isn’t found at the beginning of the game so to catch it, you have to progress in the game and be at Route 7.

You can also win this Pokemon in Max Raid Battle. Morpeko isn’t easily found and will be at least at level 37 when you encounter it for the first time.

You can also find Morpeko at Route 9 or Lake of Outrage but first, you have to beat Raihan in Hammerlocke Stadium and obtain your eighth badge.

If there is a thunderstorm in the area then there are chances that Morpeko is going to spawn in the grass.

Morpeko does not has an evolution chain and does not evolve into any other creature but since the stats are so high, it still is a very demanded Pokemon.

Morpeko Spawn Locations
You can find Morpeko in both, Overworld (which are visible in the game) and Non-Overworld (which are not visible in the game).

Location Weather Spawn
Route 7 All-Weather (Lv. 37-41) 05%
Lake of Outrage Thunderstorm (Lv. 55-58) 04%
Route 9 (in Outer Spikemuth) All-Weather (Lv. 40-44) 05%