Pokemon Sword and Shield Jellicent Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Jellicent is yet another beautiful Pokemon that looks more like a sea animal and possesses amazing properties of Water and Ghost types. If you are looking for details on Jellicent, this Pokemon Sword and Shield Jellicent Locations guide will help you catch and evolve it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Jellicent Locations

So first of all, Jellicent is a Water and Ghost-type Pokemon and its body is identical to seawater. One of the main characteristics of Jellicent is that it chooses to make sunken ships its residence.

Jellicent Location
Let’s take you to the locations of the Jellicent. Fortunately, there is quite a long list of the location it where it may spawn.

However, every location has a different probability rate for its spawn. The stats are as follow:

The main location for the Jellicent is Route 9.

Further, the spawning probability depends upon environmental circumstances which we have described ahead:

  • Over Cast 5% Chances
  • Raining 5% Chances
  • Thunderstorm 5% Chances
  • Intense Sun 5% Chances
  • Snowing 5% Chances

Besides this, you may look for a Frillish first, as it has more spawning chance and then you can evolve it into a Jellicent.

The method of evolution is described later in this guide, the locations and spawning specs have been described as follow:

West Lake Axewell: You can easily find a Frillish in this location in any weather as the spawning chances are from 5-60 %, varying on the basis of weather.

East Lake Axewell: You can find a Frillish here easily too for the chances of finding one are from 10-60 %. The most chances are finding one in heavy fog and overcast weather.

North Lake Miloch: The chances of finding a Frillish in this location vary from 2 to 60% and luckily you can find one in the normal weather as the most chances of finding one are during the normal weather.

Dusty Bowl & Child’s Mirror: This is the best area if you are looking for a Frillish. In every sort of weather, you have from 15- 50% of chances of finding one.

Catch Jellicent
Well, the criteria for catching one is simple. As it is a water-type Pokemon, you need to visit areas where you find water. It will be spawned there if you are lucky.

Moreover, hordes of Jellicent spawn near the surface of the sea whenever a full moon appears. That is the perfect moment to catch one as they are waiting for a prey already.

How to Evolve Jellicent
Well if you haven’t already found a Jellicent, you need to evolve a Frillish type into a Jellicent one.

To do this, you need to upgrade your Frillish to Level 40 using all the required techniques such as upgrading HP to 100, Attach to 60, Defense to 70 and similarly upgrading Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed to attain a total of 480 Total Combat Points.

This way, once it reaches level 40, a Frillish will automatically be evolved into a Jellicent!

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