Pokemon Sword and Shield Doublade Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

This Pokemon Sword and Shield Doublade Locations guide will help you catch and train this pokemon that looks straight out of an assassin movie

If you are here to know about Doublade’s stats and how and what to do with or even if you want to know how to catch it then you are at the right place. Here we have all the information about Pokemon Sword and Shield Doublade Locations as well as tips on catching it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Doublade Locations

Doublade is a quite strange looking Steel and ghost type Pokemon. It is evolved from Honedge once it reaches level 35, quite simple till after it is evolved to Doublade, after that you need to use the Dark Stone to further evolve it to Aegislash.

It has kind of two blades that rub together to make a metallic sound, this sound is the main attack of Doublade as it unnerves the opponent.

It can rapidly alter between offense and defense thanks to the twin blades.

It is a steel and ghost type Pokemon and weak against Ground, Fire, Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon. Basically it is weak against the likes of Charizard, Arcanine, Hydreigon, etc.

It has the ability of No Guard, where it ensures the attack lands perfectly and this ability has two levels.

Doublade Location
You will find Doublade at Lake of Outrage where it has the maximum chance of an encounter. Other than that, you can find it at Giant’s Cap in every weather condition except heavy fog.

Doublade Base Stats

  • HP: 59
  • Atk: 110
  • Def: 150
  • Sp. Atk: 45
  • Sp. Def: 49
  • Speed: 35

Doublade Skills and Moves
As you level up Doublade it learns some new moves and they keep on getting stronger.

  • At level 20 it will learn the Slash, which will sharply lower the opponent’s special defense. It goes on to become Night Slash at Level 24.
  • At level 32 it learns Iron Defense, which as the name implies sharply raises the user’s defense.
  • At level 44, it will the Power Trick which is basically a manual switch for attack and defense owned by the user.
  • At level 56 it learns Sacred Sword which means it ignores the opponent’s stat changes.

This is all the information that you need to take the maximum out of Doublade in Pokemon Sword and Shield.