Pokemon Sword and Shield Cramorant Locations, How to Catch and Evolve

Pokemon Sword and Shield have a bunch of Pokemon accompanying its colorful world, but let’s talk about a specific Flying and Water-type Pokemon that you should definitely consider to be a part of your Pokemon Journey. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Cramorant Locations guide will provide details to add this extremely useful companion to your party.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Cramorant Locations

Being able to Dive, Fly and Surf, Cramorant can be flexible outside of battles as well.

Cramorant Locations

Cramorant being a Water and Flying-Type Pokemon can be found in various areas of the Pokemon Sword and Shield’s world. Each area has a different probability with respect to its weather. All locations where you can find Cramorant are described below.

Bridge Field – Overworld, between Level 27 and 29 with a 2% chance if it is raining.

Route 9 – Non-Overworld, between Level 38 and 42 with a 40% chance.

Route 9 (Circhester Bay) – Non-Overworld, between Level 39 and 43 with a 40% chance.

Stony Wilderness – Overworld, between Level 28 and 30 with a 5% chance during rain.

Lake of Outrage – Non-Overworld, between Level 50 and 52 with a 25% chance during rain.

After you have finished the story you can also find Cramorant wandering around Axew’s Eye regardless of weather conditions.

Unfortunately, Cramorant has no evolution, and despite that it is still quite the formidable Pokemon in a fight due to its hybrid skill set.

Cramorant Abilities

Cramorant has Gulp Missile, after using Surf or Dive, it will reciprocate damage upon taking damage from its opponent.

Weaknesses and Strengths

Being a flying type Pokemon, Cramorant is extremely weak to Electric-type Pokemon, taking up to 4 times the damage from an Electric Attack compared to a normal attack. Along with that, a 2 times multiplier to damage is applied from a Rock-Type Attack.

Cramorant will obviously snuff out a Fire-Type Pokemon extremely easy. Its Flying Type attacks are strong against Bug, Fighting and Grass-Type along with its Water-Type attacks being effective against Fire, Ground and Rock Type.

Cramorant Stats

HP 70
Attack 85
Defense 55
Special Attack 85
Special Defense 95
Speed 85
Combat Points 475

This concludes all the details regarding Cramorant. Unfortunately, like some other Pokemon, it has no evolution but its extremely versatile skill-set and effectiveness against a large variety of Pokemon definitely makes it stand out against the other Water-Type and Flying-Type Pokemon.

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