Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Battle Items Locations Guide

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can purchase, find or even win a bunch of items that help make the game a bit easier. This includes items that heal you, make you stronger, make you more resilient and even help you catch Pokemon better. We’ve prepared this Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Battle Items Locations guide that lists our top picks for the best battle items in the game. These will give you a serious edge in what may initially seem to be a fruitless battle.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Best Battle Items Locations

Air Balloon
Ground moves like Earthquake and Magnitude can do some serious damage to certain of your Pokemon.

If you’re not careful, you may even get one-shotted. The Air Balloon makes your Pokemon float in the air, so that it is immune to ground moves.

You can find it by a telephone booth at Wyndon’s large hotel type building.

Expert Belt
If your Pokemon holds this item, its super effective moves will get a slight boost. You can get this item by doing a specific event.

  • Speak with the girl who is at the watchtower on the west side of Turffield.
  • Check the stone-carved “Grass” near the flower shop.
  • Check the stone-carved “Water” near the watchtower.
  • Check the stone-carved “Fire” near Route 5.

Rocky Helmet
Give this item to a Pokemon with high Defense, and it will reflect back damage to the opponent.  

To get this item, you need to Fly Taxi to Stow-on-Side and head down the ladder which is south of the city. You’ll find a Pokeball on a cliff that contains this item.

Shed Shell
Pokemon holding this item can switch with other Pokemon, even if an enemy move is supposed to keep you from switching.

It basically makes you immune to that effect and can come in useful when you need to bail out your current Pokemon from a tight spot.

Shed Shell can be found next to the Pokemon Nursery in Route 5.

Focus Sash
This keeps your Pokemon from fainting by allowing it to endure an attack that would normally knock it out.

Giving you a slight chance to potentially save yourself at the last minute with 1 HP remaining. Use it up when you’re seriously low on defense.

You can find it in the house next to Hammerlocke’s Pokemon center. Battle the trainer there to acquire this item.

Sitrus Berry
Any of your Pokemon holding the Sitrus Berry will automatically heal HP when faced with seriously low health. This is beyond useful when you don’t want to use up potions in the midst of a big battle.

This berry can be acquired from a rare berry tree in different locations. Look for it next to the Watchtower Ruins.

You can also find it to the right side of a rock across the bridge of the Giant’s Seat.

Lum Berry
If your Pokemon has been inflicted with some status effect such as Toxic, then you can instantly automatically heal this by giving said Pokemon the Lum Berry. This will counter any bad status inflictions and keep your Pokemon in the game a little longer.

You can pick this item off a berry tree near the tunnel in Route 9.

You will have to deal with the two trainers blocking it before you can get it.

Power Herb
This item immediately charges up powerful moves like Solar Beam or Hyper Beam so that you can use them as soon as possible.  This ensures taht you can deal out massive damage in quicker succession. Thus this is one of the best battle items in the game and a definite must-have.

You can find it by following a narrow path along the center of Route 10. It’s hidden past a patch of grass.

Throat Spray
Your Special Attack will gain a boost from moves like Roar, Growl and Hyper Voice. Using up the Throat Spray allows you to deal out some extra damage for a bit.

You can get it by helping the kid search for his missing Minccino in Motostoke City. It is hanging by the fountain to the left of the stadium.

Luminous Moss
This item lets you counter-attacks from water-type Pokemon. It provides a boost to your Special Defense so that you have a higher tolerance for taking a beating from water-types.  

You can find it by exploring the Luminous Forest.