Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Stadium Guide

Battle Stadiums allow you to battle against trainers from around the world by connecting to the internet and gives you a chance to become the World No. 1 Pokemon Trainer. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Stadium Guide will show you how to do that.

You will need a Nintendo Switch Online Account(paid) to use Battle Stadiums so keep that in mind if you want to take over the world.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Stadium

There are three types of battles in Battle Stadiums where players can compete against each other. These are Ranked, Casual and Online Competitions.

During your fight in the stadium, all your pokemon will be changed to level 50, so pokemon involved in the fight will not evolve due to this change. Dynamax can be used but beware as it can only be used once and will last for only 3 turns.

Ranked Battles
As your objective to be the most powerful trainer, you need to rise up the ranks to prove yourself. There are 5 ranks in Ranked Battles and you will be matched against trainers with similar rank.

Winning matches will get you some points, whereas losing matches will deduct points. After earning certain points, your rank will go up, however, losing points will NOT cause you to lose rank.


After each season, the player ranks will reset to the basic rank, allowing you to progress again.

The rules for Ranked Battles are as follows

  • You need to form a team with 6 different pokemon.
  • Your pokemon can not hold the same item.
  • You cannot use Legendary or Mythical pokemon in Ranked Battles.

It is recommended that you breed pokemon to get more powerful pokemon of the same species. The increased stats will help you in Ranked Battles a lot. Also, prefer choosing pokemon with higher base stats to get better chances of winning.

Casual Battles
Casual Battles are basic battles. Playing casual will not affect your rank. There is no limitation to which pokemon you can use and which you can’t like Ranked Battles. You’ll have the permission to rent other player teams if you have their player ID. These rented teams can be used to fight your Casual as well as Ranked Battles.

Online Competitions
Online competitions are tournaments held by either other players in the world, or Nintendo itself, and provide you a chance to participate in Pokemon Sword and Shield World Championships. Nintendo has already announced a tournament “Galar Beginnings”. Sign ups are open from 15th Nov to 5th Dec.

You can also host your own tournament or join competitions your friends hold.

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