How to Evolve Axew in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats

Pokemon Sword and Shield is a diverse game when it comes to types of Pokemon due to which every Pokemon has its own characteristics and abilities. In this guide, we will be talking about How to Evolve Axew in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Locations and Stats.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Axew

Axew is a Dragon-type Tusk Pokemon which makes him weak against Ice and Fairy-type moves. All you need to know about this Pokemon is in the following guide

Axew Location
By far the most likely occurrence of Axew is on route 6 where you will have a 5% chance of locating Axew and capturing it.

Luckily this Pokemon isn’t weather unfriendly so you will expect to find it in all weathers.

How to Evolve Axew
Axew has the ability to go through the evolution process twice depending on what level you are on. As soon as you reach level 38 Axew evolves to Fraxure.

He grows in size and his stats improve as well and finally, at level 48 he becomes Haxorus. His size increases significantly and he changes color as well.

Axew Abilities
When it comes to the abilities Axew doesn’t lack any of those even though it is weak against some type but his abilities are worth mentioning and are quite useful as well.

  • Rivalry increases the damage caused by attacks and special attacks by 25% if the foe is the same gender and Axew and vice versa.
  • Mold Breaker ability allows Axew’s moves to be unaffected by Foe’s abilities.
  • Unnerve restricts the opponent Pokemon to use their held berry in the battle.

Axew Weaknesses and Strengths
Being a Tusk type Pokemon, Axew is considerably weak against Dark, Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type Pokemon! But he can perform really well when the battle is against on the following type Pokemon including Fire and water.

So, keep the strengths and weaknesses in your mind when you go into the battle to ensure you are using Axew only when it’s actually needed.

Axew Stats

HP 46
Attack 87
Defense 60
Special Attack 30
Special Defense 40
Speed 57