Pokemon Sword and Shield Assault Vest Location Guide

The Assault Vest is a handy item to help your survival chances in Pokemon Sword and Shield and here we will give you its location

Pokemon Sword and Shield is filled with challenges and battles that will test the might of your Pokemon, as well as your skills as a trainer. Luckily there are certain items that provide the Pokemon holding them with certain buffs to give them an edge in combat. One of these is the Assault Vest that you can find pretty easily in the wild areas of the Galar region. This guide will give you the Pokemon Sword and Shield Assault Vest Location.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Assault Vest Location

The Assault Vest significantly boosts the Special Defense on behalf of the Pokemon holding the item, while limiting movement.

For this reason, you should give it to a Pokemon that focuses more on offense to balance things out.

The item is not that hard to find. First, use the map to go to the starting area of Hammerlocke Hills. From there, get on your bike and start heading to the right.

Keep going until you’ve gotten past Giant’s Cap and have reached the small puddle type area of the Lake of Outrage. Use the rotor bike to paddle across and once you have exited the lake, ride straight ahead on land.

From there, go a little to the right and you will spot a big tree with a Pokeball underneath it. This contains the Assault Vest.