How To Catch Varoom In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Varoom is a newly introduced Pokemon in the 9th generation of the franchise.

You are looking at a Pokemon that excels as both a Poison and Steel-type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Master him and you will get an evolution into Revavroom at level 41 for greater control of the battlefield.

In Pokemon SV, Varoom belongs to the Mineral Egg group. If you want to get around The Great Crater of Paldea region quickly, Varoom is the right choice for you. You should not fool yourself by his looks as it is just a one-cylinder engine with two wheels.

If you want to learn about the location of the Varoom and want to speed up the process of catching it, you have come to the right place.

Varoom location in Pokemon SV

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Varoom is a mix of two variants: Steel and Poison. You can easily find Varoom at any time of the day such as morning, noon or night.

The favorite habitat of the Varoom is the mountain, mines, and towns. Because it is an automotive creature therefore you will find him anywhere you will find cars.

The list of The Great Crater of Paldea regions where you will most probably find Varoom are:

  • West Province (Area Two)
  • East Province (Area Three)

The region where the odds of finding the Varoom are the highest is Area three which is located North of Levincia. Locating Varoom is very easy due to his tall height and you can see him from a mile away.

To capture Varoom, you need to initiate the battle and throw a variety of attacks other than Steel and Poison. You should use Fire and Ground pokemon against Varoom as he is not resistant to these types of attacks.

Bringing Potions, Antidotes and Full Heals is also a good option if receive damage during the fight. Once the fight is done, you can finish capturing him by throwing the Pokeball and Varoom will be yours.

Varoom abilities and stats


You can use the Overcoat ability if you don’t want to get damage from the Powder and Weather moves.

Slow Start

If you want to reduce your speed and attack stats on the battlefield to be more precise on the attacks, Slow Start will work best for you.


If you want to have a feel of what Vroom will feel like before getting it, you can look over the stats below:

  • HP: 45
  • Attack: 70   
  • Defense: 63
  • Special Attack: 30
  • Special Defense: 45       
  • Speed: 47

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