How To Get Thunder Stone In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Thunder Stone is used to evolve electric Pokemon so allow us to give you the location of this stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Thunder Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as the name suggests, is tied to electric Pokemon and can be used to evolve Pikachu to Raichu, Eevee to Jolteon and Elektrik to Elektross. So if you are someone who prefers one of these Thunder/Electric Pokemon in their party, allow us to give you the locations where you can find Thunder stone in Pokemon SV.

Pokemon SV Thunder Stone location

Like all evolution stones, Thunder Stone is also located in multiple areas of the game so you evolve more than one electric pokemon. It can either be bought from the shop or collected from different spots on the map. Here are the details containing all the locations where you can find Thunder Stone.

You can get Thunder stones in several ways in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. You can purchase them, find a few guaranteed drops and even get a few Thunder Stones randomly as you travel across Paldea.

Purchasing from the shop

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are some special shops known as Delibird Presents where you can buy different types of stones using Pokédollar. They can be found at 3 different spots.

One of them is located in Mesagoza City. The remaining two are in Cascarrafa City and Levincia City.

After Spawning in any of the above-mentioned cities, visit the shop. After entering, select the “General Goods” option on the menu and you will see an item list with prices. Here you can buy Thunder Stones and each of them costs 3000 Pokedollar.

Collecting from different locations on the map

There are multiple spots on the map where Thunder Stone comes as a fixed spawn and can be collected. One of them is a windmill farm in West Province Area One near the West Paldean Sea marked with a yellow circle in the image.

Set the mentioned area as the destination and after spawning there, you need to climb up the windmill using the stairs and you can find Thunder Stone resting on the top.

In addition to this windmill farm, there is another spot also where you can find this stone. In Levincia, there is a pedestrian deck near the seashore marked with a red circle in the image. You can find it resting there on the side.

Thunder Stones can also be found randomly throughout the map. As you travel across Paldea, you will surely come across small golden sparkling items in the grass across the Paldea. These golden items can be Thunder Stones as well.

There is no fixed location or guarantee that you will get a Thunder Stone, so this entirely depends on your luck and the algorithm of the game.

Porto Marinada auctions

Porto Marinada Auctions are unlocked after you complete Cascarrafa Gym Challenges. These auctions offer you various items you can purchase on the open market. Thunder Stones is one of the items you can almost regularly buy through the Porto Marinada Auction.

Of course, you need to place the winning bid to get the stone, and if you want only to buy Thunder Stones, you can always re-roll the auction store. Either wait 72 minutes or close the game and fast forward the time of your device by 72 minutes, which will reroll the market and hope you get Thunder Stones for purchase.

Acquire Thunder Stone As a Pokedex Milestone 

To attain Thunder Stone as a reward, you have to fill up the Pokedex and catch the 30 Pokemon. Open the Pokedex app and then click the “X”, and this will lead to the opening of the rewards menu.  And after doing the 30 Pokemon catching objective you will be able to collect this stone as a reward. 

Thunder Stone Evolution 

The list of Pokémon which can be evolved by using the Thunder Stone is given below:  

Pikachu Raichu 
Eevee Jolteon 
Magneton Magnezone 
Eelektrik Eelektross 
Tadbulb Bellibolt 
Nosepass Probopass 
Charjabug Vikavolt 
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