Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Starters: Evolutions, How To Get

In this guide we will breakdown everything about the starter pokemon in Pokemon SV so you have an idea of how to start your journey.

The Pokemon franchise is notorious for sending its players on mighty quests to catch-em-all. Similarly, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have its players running left and right to find its first three starter of the Fire-type, Water-type, and Grass-type Pokemon. With that covered, let’s take a look at the starter Pokemon in Pokemon SV and how you can catch and evolve them.

How to get all three Starter Pokemon in Pokemon SV

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to get all three starter Pokemon, then the answer is yes. It’s a fairly small process, however, the help of a friend is required before you can obtain all of them.

While at the start of Pokemon SV you can only select one starter, there are ways to obtain the other two as you progress through the game.

You can easily trade the other starter Pokemon through one of your friends that possesses the one you are missing. If that does not work out for you, you can send your starter Pokemon home and reset your save. Reset this process three times, and you’ll come in possession of the three starters.

Starters and their evolutions


Fuecoco is a Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is officially described as “laid-back Fire Crock Pokemon, that does things at its own pace.” Without a doubt, its cute little legs and arms, sure do things at their own pace. Fuecoco. Currently, at this stage, it has a majorly red fur, with some yellow tones here and there. It also possesses the Fire-type Pokemon ability, blaze.

Fueco’s first evolution is called Crocalor which is not that dissimilar to Fuecoco design-wise, apart from the sombrero. However, this is no normal hat, since it’s a nest with an egg on it. Apparently, the combination of Crocalor’s fire energy and vitality caused the egg to appear on its head. Also, the egg is actually a fireball!

This Pokemon’s last evolution is Skeldirge. This evolution radically changes the Pokemon’s design transforming it into a crocodile, with white and purple markings over its red body. Added to that is also has a bird on its head, which changes shape once the Pokemon sings.


Sprigatito is a forest-dwelling grass-type feline starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that looks like a small cat with fluffy cheeks. Its fur is a combination of light and darker shades of green with sparkly eyes carrying a dusty shade of pink. Sprigatito has two evolutions, both of which change up its initial look up a little bit. It also possesses the Grass-type Pokemon ability, overgrow.

The first evolution for this feline Pokemon is Floragato, which instantly gives it a more humanoid form since now the Pokemon stands on two legs instead of four. Equipped with a vine with a pink flower hidden beneath its now darker green fur, Floragato is much deadlier than its predecessor.

The final evolution for this Pokemon is the Meowscarada, along with which comes some significant design changes as well. Meowscarada has puffy sleeves and a black mask over its face. It also has a green cape and a bright pink collar around its neck.


This duckling Water-type starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the most stylish out of the bunch with it coming with a stylish blue hat that perfectly compliments its sky-blue feathers. Like other ducks, Quaxyl has a big yellow beak but unlike most ducks, it has blue eyes. Quaxyl also has the Water-type Pokemon ability, torrent.

Quaxyl’s first evolution is Quaxwell. This evolution has a significant amount of hair on its head, with neon blue markings on its belly. The design used for Quaxwell is different than Quaxyl as well since now it has a much more humanoid appearance.

The last evolution for this Pokemon is Quaquavel, which is the tallest of the bunch. This time, Quaquavel branches out in terms of the color scheme and follows a much more brighter color palette consisting of shades of blue, complimented by different accents of orange and yellow.

This evolution also shifts the Pokemon significantly towards the humanoid side with its long legs, however it works in its favor by helping it perform striking dances.

Best starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The best starter to select in Pokemon SV is quite difficult because just by looking at their individual stats, making the decision is an impossible task. However, it is recommended to select the feline Sprigatito as your starter.

Though initially, this decision might seem somewhat undesirable, with time, Sprigatito will become a worthy investment. This is because, by the time it reaches its final evolution of Meowscarada, both its Attack and Speed stats will be significantly better than the other two.

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