How To Catch Rockruff In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Rockruff, if it was not already obvious, is a rock-type Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. The main specialty of this Pokemon is that it can evolve into two different forms depending on the time of day.

However, you will need to first know where to find a Rockruff before going through its evolutions. The following guide will help mark all of the Rockruff locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Rockruff location in Pokemon SV

Rock-type Pokemon are usually very strong even in their base form. These types of Pokemon can help you a lot especially when you’re facing someone who has strong and powerful Pokemon.

Locating Rockruff is straightforward. Below we have listed all the regions in which Rockruff can be easily located. All you need to do is head to these regions and simply capture it.

Usually, Rockruff doesn’t put up a fight when someone tries to capture it. But if Rockruff resists, you can use any type of evolved Pokemon against it to weaken its strength which will save you time and help you capture this Pokemon with ease.

  • Asado Desert
  • East Province (Area One)
  • South Province (Area Five)
  • South Province (Area Four)
  • South Province (Area One)
  • South Province (Area Three)
  • South Province (Area Two)
  • West Province (Area One)

If you’re planning on evolving Rockruff in Pokemon SV, then you must keep its base stats in mind. These stats will also help you in combats as well. Below are the base stats of Rockruff in Pokemon SV:

  • HP: 45
  • Attack: 65
  • Defense: 40
  • Special Attack: 30
  • Special Defense: 40    
  • Speed: 60

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