Pokemon SV Rellor Evolution

Rellor, the dung beetle in Pokemon SV, is a bug-type Pokemon that is already cool, but the best part is that it can evolve into an even better form, Rabsca.

Who wants to be strangled on Rellor when there’s a better version available? Surely nobody, keeping that in view, we have compiled this guide that will show you how to evolve Rellor in Pokemon SV.

How to evolve Rellor into Rabsca in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As aforementioned, a Rellor can evolve into a Rabsca in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Rabsca is a bug-psychic type Pokemon and will undoubtedly make an excellent addition to any Pokemon roster.

However, the method for evolving Rellor is not conventional, but fortunately for you, it is rather simple. All you have to do is put Rellor in your First Party Slot.

Next up, you need to throw it out of the Poke Ball into Let’s Go Mode. This can simply be done by pressing ZR. The Let’s Go Mode will allow Rellor to walk outside of the Poke Ball.

In order to evolve Rellor into a Rabsca you need to make it walk a total of 1000 steps in the Let’s Go Mode, preferably in a muddy area. The ideal location for this is Asado Desert, west of Paldea.

Do note that the game will not display the number of steps you have taken, so you will need to walk around for about five minutes to complete the required steps.

However, keep in mind that if you walk too fast, Rellor will be unable to keep up with you and will eventually return to its Poke Ball.

Once you’ve completed the 1000 steps, simply level up Rellor and it will evolve into Rabsca. You can level up Rellor by using an EXP candy or through battle.

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