Where To Find Ice Stone In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Ice Stone is an evolutionary item in Pokemon SV that is required to evolve Pokemon like Cetoddle, Eevee, and Crabrawler. So if you have these Pokemon on your team then finding these Ice Stones is a must for you.

Finding ice stones can be a tough task, so let this guide help you find all the Ice Stones you can obtain in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon SV Ice Stone locations

There are no specific locations for the Ice Stones in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, therefore, the areas mentioned below should be explored until eventually, the player comes across a Pokeball containing an Ice Stone.

The areas you’ll be required to explore are all located within the Glaseado Mountains, except for the Auction House in Porto Marinda.

Areas in the Glaseado Mountains

The first area you’ll be required to explore resembles somewhat of a foot with three toes. Mark this area and explore until eventually, you come across a Pokeball containing an Ice Stone.

If you explore further, you’ll notice a shining item, which will be another Ice Stone. However, it is possible you might not get this Ice Stone since it is completely randomized.

Another Pokeball containing an Ice Stone will be found within the rocky Dalzipapa Passage. In this area, the player will come across a Poke Center.

Keep heading forward towards the rocky cliffs, and climb up using your mount, where you’ll find a Pokeball with an Ice Stone in it.

Auction House, Porto Marinda

Once the player has defeated the Open Sky Titan, the town of Porto Marinda will become available for exploration.

Here, you’ll come across an Auction House, that has randomized items up for bidding every day. Many evolution items are available at this Auction House; therefore, you can find an Ice Stone from here as well.

If you visit the auction house and are unable to find an item of use, just change the date and time on your switch, allowing you to change the in-game time as well.

This will allow you to randomize the items in the Auction House as many times as you’d like, until you come across an item of use.

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