How To Evolve Happiny In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

This guide will go over all the evolutions of Happiny in Pokemon SV and explain how you can evolve it into Chansey and Blissey.

One of the Pokemon that doesn’t follow the mainstream evolution pattern in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is Happiny. Happiny is a Normal Type Pokemon in Pokemon SV. This guide will go over all the evolutions of Happiny in Pokemon SV and explain how you can evolve it into Chansey and Blissey.

Happiny evolves into Chansey, and Chansey then evolves into Blissey. However, this evolution line is not ideal for Pokemon battles.

All three Pokemon of the Happiny evolution line in Pokemon SV are some of the best support Pokemon you can get for team fights.

Happiny can be found all around the region of Paldea. Look around grassy areas with flowers, for example, places like Los Platos, to maximize your chance of finding Happiny.

If you fail to find Happiny, set up a picnic to reset all the Pokemon spawns in the area and start looking around again for a Happiny.

How to evolve Happiny into Chansey

Evolving Happiny is the easiest in the entire game. You need an Oval Stone to evolve Happiny. All you need to do is give the Oval Stone to Happiny, and Happiny will automatically evolve into Chansey the next time Happiny levels up.

The only catch, you need to get Happiny to level up during the daytime while holding the Oval Stone to evolve into Chansey. There is no minimum level requirement for Happiny to evolve. The Oval Stones in question are around Lake Casseroya in the North Province.

Chansey is also a Normal Type Pokemon. If you want to get a Chansey directly, you can look around areas where you find Happiny. Chansey can also be found in the Asado Desert and Glaseado Mountains.

How to evolve Chansey into Blissey

To evolve Chansey into Blissey, you need to increase your friendship level with Chansey. Your friendship with your Pokemon can improve in several ways.

You can shower your Pokemon during picnics, use EXP Candies to level them up, which also increases your friendship level, and travel with the Pokemon in your party.

Suppose you need help increasing your friendship level with Chansey. In that case, we recommend that you give Chansey a Soothe Bell. This handheld item increases your friendship level with your Pokemon by 1.5x, making it easier to progress.

Blissey is a Normal Type Pokemon. Blissey is extremely rare in the wild, but Blissney can spawn in Area One, Area Two, and Area Three of North Province.

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