Where To Find Dusk Stone In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Dusk Stone is used for the evolution of certain Dark-type Pokemon, such as Misdreavus and Murkrow into Mismagius and Honchkrow respectively. If you are looking to evolve one of these Pokemon, allow our guide to explain how you can get your hands on a Dusk stone in Pokemon SV.

Dusk stone location in Pokemon SV

Like other evolution stones, there are multiple places in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet where you can find a Dusk stone.

Unfortunately, like some other basic stones such as Water and Thunder, you can’t buy Dusk stone from a Delibird Presents store and must find it in the wild. Lucky for you, we have mentioned all the locations where you can find a Dusk stone in Pokemon SV.

Dusk stone behind the Gym at Montenevera

You can go to Montenevera by Glaseado Mountain which can be reached by moving to the west side of the map at the Pokemon center at Dalizapa Passage.

After reaching Montenevera, move east until you reach the Montenevera Gym. Dusk Stone will be right behind the Montenevera Gym by the big window in a red glowing Poke ball.

Dusk stone at Cascarrafa

Climb the West Province (area one) hills behind Cascarrafa and then go northeast. You will eventually see a small sort of valley with a tree inside it.

Drop down and you will see the Dusk stone in the clearing among all the grass.

Pokedex reward

The pokedex rewards players at certain milestones for catching a number of Pokemon. Dusk stone is one such reward that awaits players if they complete 130 entries in the Pokedex.

Port Marinada auctions

This is a gamble but after completing the Cascarrafa gym, the auction house at Port Marinada starts getting random items daily. Keep checking the auctions regularly and you might get lucky and find a Dusk stone for sale.

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