How To Catch Charcadet In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Charcadet is the coolest-looking Pokemon in the 9th Gen of Pokemon introduced. Looks aren’t are only strong suit of Charcadet, it got decent stats as well. Based on these facts, you’ll surely want to hunt down Charcadet, but the question is how? This guide will help you with that and explain how to catch Charcadet in Pokemon SV.

Charcadet location in Pokemon SV

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, to begin your hunt for Charcadet, start at the Mesagoza East Pokemon Center and navigate down to the southeast of the map.

There, you need to head to the area slightly above the bridge on the map and enter through the Pokemon Center. It will lead you to an open area.

That’s the location you need to get to. Once you got to the Charcadet spawn location in Pokemon SV, simply continue straight through the open area, and you’ll see a cliff in front of you. Move around the cliff to find Charcadet there.

Apart from that, Charcadet also spawns in the East Province (Area One). So, head to either of the two areas to get Charcadet.

The good thing about the second Charcadet location in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is that Charcadet spawns there both day and night so you can visit the area any time.

That being said, the probability of a Charcadet spawning at night is greater. Once you catch sight of Charcadet, simply throw a Quick Poke Ball at it in order to catch it for good.

Charcadet is a fire-type Pokemon that can use fire to its advantage to burn down its enemies. Charcadet has the wicked ability to cover itself in Fire to keep its enemies away for good.

Here’s a quick look into the stats of Charcadet to make you aware of its potential once you have found it in Pokemon SV

  • HP 40
  • Attack 50   
  • Defense 40
  • Special Attack 50
  • Special Defense 40       
  • Speed 35

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