Pokemon SV Charcadet Evolutions

If you are interested in evolving Charcadet, our guide will go over the steps necessary for Charcadet's evolution in Pokemon SV.

Charcadet, a fire-type Pokemon is a new Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It has flames covering its body capable of burning anything that comes in contact with the body. If you are interested in evolving Charcadet, our guide will go over the steps necessary for Charcadet’s evolution in Pokemon SV.

Charcadet in Pokemon SV can be evolved into two separate Pokemon based on the version-exclusive items. To get these items you need to visit the Pokemon Center in Zapapico (East). Depending on which evolution of Charcadet you are interested in, you will have to either purchase that specific version of the game or trade with someone who has that Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet owners can evolve Charcadet into Armarouge while players with Pokemon Violet will have the option of Charcadet’s Ceruledge evolution.

How to evolve Charcadet into Armarouge

From the center, you can make your way right toward the central part of the city. Here you will find a small area with a fountain and a person standing next to it. In Pokemon Scarlet, it’s a gentleman in a pink shirt who is a curiosities collector and a Bronzor lover. He will be helping you in the evolution of Charcadet.

Upon interacting, he shows interest in trading 10 fragments of Bronzor. So you need to collect a bunch of Bronzor. You can easily find them in ruins located near Pokemon Center (East) Province Area 2.

It is not a set spot but finding Bronzor here is comparatively easy. Set them as your destination and hop on your Pokemon to ride over there.

Now if you bring back 10 fragments and give them to the gentleman, he will give you a set of Auspicious Armor. You can keep this item in your bag and use it like a traditional Evolution item. Putting it on your Charcadet will evolve into Armarouge.

How to evolve Charcadet into Ceruledge

While playing Violet, you will find a lady in a red shirt instead of a gentleman. Upon interacting, she will ask for 10 Sinistea Chips instead of Bronzor. It’s relatively hard to find Sinistea as they are rare and small in size.

To find them, make sure you cross the city border until you see South Province Area 6. Here you can find Sinistea required to evolve Charcadet pretty easily.

Upon giving them to the lady, she will give you Malicious Armor. Put it in your bag and use it as an evolution item. Putting it on Charcadet in Pokemon SV will evolve into Ceruledge.

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