How To Defeat Kofu (Cascarrafa Gym Leader) In Pokemon SV

On your journey to become the champion of Paldea, you need to conquer every gym in Pokemon SV. Cascarrafa City houses one such gym that is home to water Pokemon.

Cascarrafa Gym is led by Kofu, the fourth gym leader you’ll face in your quest to become a Pokemon Master. Kofu and his entire gym specialize in Water-type Pokemon, so its best that you bring some excellent Grass and Electric-type Pokemon,

The gym is in Area One of West Province. When heading out to Cascarrafa gym, it’s best to be at least level 29, as that is the recommended level for Cascarrafa Gym. If you are struggling to figure out how to pass the Cascarrafa gym challenge in Pokemon SV or defeat Kofu, allow us to help you out.

How to complete the Cascarrafa Gym test

Going through the Cascarrafa gym in Pokemon SV, you will get to know that Gym Leader Kofu was getting very late and left his wallet at the gym.

She will ask you if you came here as a gym challenger! Could you please take Kofu’s wallet to him? Where you will answer yes. Now she will give you Kofu’s wallet and she will be fully counting on you.

Then you’ll put the wallet in your bag, and know the location from her. You will have to deliver it to him at the market in Porto Marinada. She will tell you that this is a gym test for you if you can complete this you will be a pass for me.

Porto Marinada is on the other side of the desert to the west but is careful, on your way there will be some dangerous Pokémon in the desert.

On your way, you will be interrupted by gym trainer Hugo and he’ll challenge you and send out his Pokémon Floatzal. Defeat Hugo and he will let you meet Kofu. Return Kofu’s wallet to him and he will task you with another test, winning the seaweed bid at the Porto Marinada auction.

Winning the auction might seem expensive but don’t worry as Kofu will give you 50,000 Pokedollars for it. Just keep bidding higher than others and eventually, you will be able to buy the seaweed for a random amount.

Best team to defeat Kofu

You can use a team of the following Pokemon to defeat Kofu:

  • Magnezone (Best option)
  • Capsakid
  • Skiddo
  • Flaaffy

How to defeat Kofu

To defeat Kofu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we have to beat his three Pokémon.


Veluza is a water-type Pokémon which are weak to grass and electric attacks. Veluza’s secondary type is psychic, which is also weak to dark, ghost-type, and bug attacks. Therefore, Veluza can be defeated easily.


Wugtrio is also a water Pokémon which means that his weaknesses also stay at electric, grass, and nothing more. As you know Wagtrio is an evolved Pokémon but if you beat Veluza then you won’t find it hard beating Wugtrio with the same powers.


Crabonminable is an ice-fighting type Pokémon. Now if you are using grass-type then change your strategy and be quick in defending, but if you were using an electric type then you should not have to fear and just pay a little more attention.

Carbonminable is Kofu’s last Pokémon to defeat and the toughest to beat. Defeating all three will conclude the fight.

The best option you have to go against Kofu’s Pokemon is Magnezone. The spark attack is the perfect counter to all three Pokemon Kofu uses, Veluza, Wugtrio, and Crabominable.

If you don’t have a good enough Magnezone, you can opt for one of the two Grass-type Pokemon you have, Capsakid and Skiddo. Your Grass-type Pokemon are the perfect counter to both of Kofu’s Water-type Pokemon.

For Crabominable, you can go with Flaaffy. This Electric-type Pokemon is perfect for a mix of Fighting and Ice-type Pokemon.

Casscarrafa gym rewards

After you beat Kofu, you will get the Cascarrafa City gym badge and TM22 (Chilling Water), which is a special water-type TM that will lower the target’s attack stat.

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