Best Pokemon In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Scarlet and Violet feature a large variety of Pokémon to choose from, from capture and fight with. With the sheer number of Pokémon it has to offer, along with their variety in terms of nature, stats, etc. It becomes very hard to choose the best one among them.

Your troubles are cut short because through the analysis of many different types of Pokémon and their impact on the game, we’ve come up with arguably the best one – Dialga.

Read on to learn more about the best Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet

Which is the best Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

With all the different types of Pokémon available within the game, each with a different skill set, base stats, and nature, it becomes quite hard to choose which one to go with as a major choice.

Perhaps the best Pokémon to currently exist within the game would be Dialga – a Steel and Dragon-type Temporal Pokémon. Dialga has long been regarded as one of the legendary Pokémon in the Pokémon franchise, and Scarlet and Violet haven’t done wrong with this one in terms of stats.

Moreover, in this game, Dialga has a 3 Special Attack EV Yield. Considering this and the high Special attack stats, the recommended nature for Dialga would be Quiet nature.

With this kind of nature, Dialga’s Special Attack Damage increases by 10%, while its Speed decreases by 10%.  In this case, this would be a wise trade to make considering Dialga has one of the highest Attacks and Special Attacks stats in the game.

Furthermore, this Pokémon is only weak to two types of Pokémon – Fighting and Ground types. Although comparatively lacking a bit in terms of health – having a total of 100 HP – Dialga still manages to counter that by possessing resistance against a large variety of other Pokémon.

Do not that Dialga comes as it is, meaning that there are no evolutions to come with this beast.

Dialga base stats

Base StatsValues
Special Attack150
Special Defense100

Dialga strengths and weaknesses

Immune to-75% damage taken against-50% damage taken against+200% damage taken against

As you can see for yourself, the types of Pokémon Dialga is strong against largely outweigh its weaknesses.

While fighting with Dialga, do keep in mind that it has just two types of weaknesses, against which it takes +200 damage. Consequently, we must be wise with our choices when playing against any of those types of Pokémon, some of which include:

  • Zamazenta
  • Groudon
  • Annihilape
  • Koraidon

Similarly, this opens a lot of opportunities for us to fight against a larger variety of Pokémon that it’s resistant to, some of which include:

  • Arceus (another Legendary Pokémon)
  • Articuno
  • Eternatus
  • Iron Moth Volcarona
  • Wo-Chein

Dialga moves and abilities

As you keep on upgrading your Pokémon, newer moves keep unlocking, more often stronger than the previous one. Given below is a list of all the moves Dialga can pull off, starting from the base level to the max level.

Moreover, there’s an absolute plethora of different moves to learn with this Pokémon. 13 different moves are unlocked from leveling up alone, whereas 53 more can be unlocked from the Technical Machines, and 5 more are learned from hatching eggs.

These attacks are of a variety of natures, meaning that you will have a lot of room to use them against any type of Pokémon that’s weak against the particular nature.

Level Move NameMove TypeMove StatsMove Description
1Scary FaceNormalPower: 50Acc: 95 PP: 35Type: PhysicalThe opponent is scratched by steel claws. This attack also has the potential to boost Dialga’s Attack Stats.
1Metal ClawSteelPower: 0Acc: 100PP: 10Type: StatusThe Opponent is terrified of the sight of Dialga’s scary face, resulting in a lowered Speed stat.
8Dragon BreathDragonPower: 60Acc: 100PP: 20Type: SpecialThe Opponent is damaged by Dialga’s Ghast. This attack also has the potential to inflict paralysis upon the opponent.
16Ancient PowerRockPower: 60Acc: 100PP: 5Type: SpecialDialga uses a prehistoric attack to inflict damage, while also getting the chance to boost all of its stats.
24SlashNormalPower: 70Acc: 100PP: 20Type: PhysicalDialga uses its claws to slash the opponent with a high chance of landing a critical hit.
32Flash CannonSteelPower: 80Acc: 100PP: 10Type: SpecialDialga releases all of its stored light energy at once toward the opponent. This attack also has the potential to degrade the opponent’s Sp. Def stat.
40Dragon ClawDragonPower: 80Acc: 100PP: 15Type: PhysicalDialga uses its claws to inflict a lot of damage upon the opponent.
48Aura SphereFightingPower: 80Acc: 101PP: 20Type: SpecialDialga precisely launches an attack with all of its stored Aura at the opponent, inflicting damage upon the guaranteed impact.
56Power GemRockPower: 80Acc: 100PP: 20Type: SpecialDialga emits a sparkling light ray toward the opponent, dealing damage upon impact.
64Metal BurstSteelPower: 1 Acc: 100PP: 10Type: PhysicalAllows Dialga to retaliate to a higher degree against the Pokémon that previously inflicted damage to it.
72Earth PowerGroundPower: 90Acc: 100PP: 10Type: SpecialUsing this attack will erupt the ground directly beneath the opponent, causing a lot of damage and a high chance to lower its Sp. Def. stat.
80Iron TailSteelPower: 100Acc: 75PP: 15Type: PhysicalDialga slams the opponent with its heavy iron tail. This attack can also deplete the opponent’s Defense stats.
88Roar of TimeDragonPower: 150Acc: 90PP: 5Type: SpecialThis special move allows Dialga to use an orb against the opponent that stops time itself, paralyzing it for its next move.

Dialga best moves to use

Given below is a list of the best moves Dialga can use against its opponents. There are a total of 5 of them, four of which can be unlocked via the Technical Machines (TMs).

Lvl/TMMove NameTypeStatsDescription
Lvl 88Roar of TimeDragonPower: 150Acc: 90PP: 5Type: SpecialThis special move allows Dialga to use an orb against the opponent that stops time itself, paralyzing it for its next move.
TM 169Draco MeterDragonPower: 130Acc: 90PP: 5Type: SpecialDialga summons meteors from the sky that land on the opponent, causing immense damage and a lowered Sp. Attack stat.
TM 170Steel BeamSteelPower: 140Acc: 95PP: 5Type: SpecialAllows Dialga to fire a beam of a steal at the opponent causing immense damage, while also causing a little bit to itself.
TM 152Giga ImpactNormalPower: 150Acc: 90PP: 5Type: PhysicalDialga charges at and hits the opponent, dealing damage and paralyzing the target for the next move.
TM 156OutrageDragonPower: 120 Acc: 100PP: 10Type: PhysicalDialga goes on a rampage, making a combo of 2-3 successive attacks, and then proceeds into a state of confusion.

That’s all there is to know about Dialga in Scarlet and Violet – for now.