How To Defeat Tulip (Alfornada Gym Leader) In Pokemon SV

We have prepared a guide to help you defeat Tulip, the Alfornada gym leader in Pokemon SV and complete her test.

Alfornada is the seventh gym you will visit if you follow the difficulty curve for every gym battle. It houses the second most challenging gym leader in the game. The gym leader Tulip is a Psychic-type gym leader and packs quite a bunch.

The recommended level for fighting Tulip’s gym is 45, but we recommend that you attempt to fight the gym at level 47 at least. Most of the Pokemon in Alfornada gym are Psychic type, so it’s best to bring Steel, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon to ring for your A-Game.

How to complete Alfornada gym test

The Alfornada gym challenge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is simple enough to get through, you have to press buttons to match the emotions of Medicham and Dendra and you are on the clock for this one.

You’ll then battle two trainers.

The first one, Emily will throw out: 

Gothita Psychic Level 43 Dark, Bug, Ghost 
Kirlia Psychic/Fairy Level 43 Ghost, Steel, poison 
Emily pokemon details

After the second round of ESP training,

you fight the second trainer. Trainer Rafael brings the following:  

Grumpig Psychic Level 43 Dark, Bug, Ghost 
Medicham Fighting/Psychic Level 43 Ghost, Fairy, Flying 
Indeedee Psychic/ Normal Level 43 Dark, Bug 
Rafael Pokemon details

You receive a total of 12040P from defeating both trainers. 

Best team to defeat Tulip

You can use any Dark/Bug-type or even switch it up with a Ghost type to defeat Tulip, as these moves are the weakness of all Pokemon you’ll face in the Alfornada Gym. Below you’ll find our suggestions to take out Tulip’s team in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

  • Volcarona (Bug)
  • Umbreon (Dark)
  • Grenninja (Dark)
  • Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)
  • Darkrai (Dark)
  • Gengar (Ghost)

How to defeat Psychic Gym Leader Tulip 

Tulips team consists of mostly psychic-type Pokemon coupled in with some fairy types. If you’re adequately prepared for each Pokemon she brings out this fight should be a breeze.

The order in which she brings out her Pokemon is:

Farigiraf (level 44)

This is the first Pokemon Tulip fights with. It’s a Normal/Psychic type Pokemon and throughout your fight with Farigiraf she’ll use Crunch to attack with. She’ll also use Reflect which would increase Farigiraf’s defense by a bunch.

Use special attacks during the Reflect phase to avoid the defense and use the Pokemon moves/types: Bug, Ghost, and Dark to do double damage to Farigiraf.

Gardevoir (level 44)

Gardevoir is the second Pokemon Tulip brings out. Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy type which means it won’t be weak to dark like the rest of the Psychic types and Dark damage will do normal damage. However, you can still use Bug and Ghost-type moves to do double damage.

Dazzling Gleam is a common move Gardevoir will do so pick a Pokemon that is resistant to Fairy-type damage. Once you defeat Gardevoir the third Pokemon in Tulip’s Roster will come out.

Espathra (level 44)

Despite its similarity in terms of looks to a peacock bird, do not confuse Espathra for a flying type. Espathra is a psychic type and is the third Pokemon in Tulip’s roster.

Espathra is quite tanky so try to use a dark-type Pokemon to get critical hits in. You should be able to beath Espathra relatively easily using a dark type like Umbreon.

Tera Florges (level 45)

Florges is Tulip’s final Pokemon and the most difficult to defeat. If you have a dark-type Pokemon you’ll likely have them defeated with one move on Florges part. This attack does 2x damage to dark type and it’s called Moonblast.

Your best move is to either get a super tanky Pokemon or a fast and high-damaging Pokemon that you can use to kill Florges in one hit. Meowscrada is an ideal candidate for the second option. Once you defeat Florges you will have defeated Tulip and the Alfornada Gym.

Alfornada gym rewards

Once you have defeated Tulip’s Pokemon roster you’ll get 8100P and the Alfornada Gym badge. The extra benefit of the gym badge will be that catching level 55+ Pokemon will become easier. You’ll also get TM120 Psychic.

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