Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Party Builds Guide

Dungeons, in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, are no walk in a park. Aside from Looplets and Emera, it is crucial that you have right combination of Pokemon in the party. This will allow you to successfully complete a dungeon.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Party System Tips and Strategy

Our guide provides an overview of how party system works in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon:

Since each dungeon is different and offers different kinds of challenges, it is a good idea to carefully analyze Pokemon types and attacks that you bring to the particular dungeon.

It is important that you understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Pokemon and formulate your party depending upon your results.

For instance, you cannot expect to bring a Ghost-Type Pokemon to a dungeon with Normal-Type Pokemon and hope to do well. The symbols in the game tell you a lot so make sure that you understand them well and take advantage from every minor detail.

Another important thing to consider here is never only focus on your strengths and enemies’ weaknesses, but also on your weaknesses.

You will not do well if you head inside a dungeon where most of the Pokemon can gain an upper hand from your weaknesses. There are no good or bad Pokemon, it all comes down to situations in which you use them.

The following section details some example party builds which might help you at one point:

The Balanced Party
This build basically revolves around having 3 Pokemon who will fulfill different roles and back each other up in different situations. Although the success rate is not one hundred per cent, you can expect to do well in most of the cases.

For this build, you need to have a Pokemon with high defense stats, another one with high attack stats, special attacks, and another one which will bring utility and other supportive moves to the party.

The Carries Party
Like the name suggests, this party build basically revolves around 3 Pokemon, but all of these should be attackers having different elements. It is a good idea to analyze the dungeon in which you are heading in and select the Pokemon-types accordingly.

The Dreamteam Party
Sometimes going all in with attackers at your disposal is not enough and will not serve you well.

Sometimes you need someone accompanying your attackers with some sort of utility or someone to take most of the damage while the attackers do their job.

For the purpose of this party, your two primary attackers should be accompanied by either one defender who can sustain most of the damage or a support Pokemon who can bring utilities such as heal, etc to support your attackers.

The All-Tanky Party
Once again, as the name suggests, this build purely focuses on defenders. However, do note that with this build you will not be able to dish out huge amounts of damage, but if played smartly, you will be able to sustain for a whole lot longer and eventually overpower your opponents.

Furthermore, in case you are not satisfied with all-tanks party, you can always change it by adding an Attacker or a Utility Pokemon.

This is all we have on Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon party builds guide. If there is something else you would like to know, make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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