Pokemon Sun and Moon Leaks Come Out As Review Copies Sent Out

With Pokemon Sun and Moon very close to coming out (only around eleven days), Pokemon fans looking to avoid spoilers are going to have to avoid any Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks that have been coming recently from 4chan as review copies of the game were sent out.

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Considering all of the various trailers Nintendo has been putting out it’s been fairly difficult to avoid many Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks that have come from official channels. However, after the demo came out, many people might have had to avoid any Pokemon media entirely considering that the entire Pokedex was found and put online despite the ironclad encryption that stumped many hackers.

So far, thankfully, only two Sun and Moon screenshots have come from 4chan and other online sources like Reddit and NeoGAF, mainly dealing with the UI and start screen of the games, where you can see Rowlet, its moves at the start of the game (Tackle, Growl, and a move called “Leafage”) and its IVs on the 3DS screens.

If you want more official news that’s likely to not be really called a “spoiler”, you can instead check out the official Pokemon YouTube page, where a lot of newly revealed Pokemon, new game mechanics, and the full evolutionary chains of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s three starters, will be visible.

If you’re one of those people that doesn’t care about spoilers on what Pokemon are going to be available in the Alola Region, however, it’s likely that you’ve already looked at various leaks like the ones that showed off the evolutionary chains of the starters several months ago, and the reveal of the game’s entire Pokedex early in October.

In the meantime, hopefully no new meaningful Pokemon Sun and Moon leaks will be coming out before the game releases on November 18 in North America and November 23 in Europe.