Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Trailer Breakdown; Legendaries, Starters

Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay trailer was showed yesterday giving us our first look at the new games. Pokemon Sun and Moon themed yet to be named legendaries were featured in the footage as well, along with Starter Pokemon and much more.

So let’s break it down piece by piece and see what we can find.

Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Pokemon, legendaries, Alogo region, gameplay details

The video gives us a look at Pokemon Sun and Moon starter Pokemon – Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Rowlet, Fire-type Litten, and Water-type Popplio.

Pokemon Sun and Moon (7)

The Owl like creature you see is Rowlet, one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Rowlet is a great pick for a starter Pokemon, it is a Grass- and Flying and can turn its head 180 degrees to navigate the map.  It uses powerful kicks and can attack from afar using powerful leafs that also form parts of its feathers.

It is categorized under Grass Quill Pokemon. According to the details we found on the official website, its height is 1’00” with 3.3lbs weight.

The creature right beside it is Litten who is described as a clam and  cool-headed creature. It spits fireballs which it creates using fur balls made from its skin that is covered in flammable oils.

Pokemon Sun and Moon (13)

It is categorized under Fire Cat Pokemon, height is 1’04” with 9.5lbs weight. Pokemon Litten can burn its entire fur.

The last but not the least is Popolio, a Water-type Starter Pokemon for Pokemon Sun and Moon. He is a very acrobatic Sea Lion Pokemon that can go up to 25mph in water. Interestingly, it can create balloons from its nose and use them in different situations. Here’s an example.

Pokemon Sun and Moon (12)

At the beginning of the Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay trailer we can see our trainer meeting up with someone named Kukui, we speculate that this person is the Professor Oak of Sun and Moon. He greets us and welcomes the trainer, his cousin, to Alola region; showing him around.

You will notice that Pokemon series is leaning toward third person view, slowing saying goodbye to the classic top down experience.

Alola regions itself, seems to inspired from the tropics of Hawaii, featuring palm trees, greenery, plenty of oceans and small rivers.

And finally, we have the two unnamed legendaris, inspired by the Sun and Moon.

These are featured on the cover of Pokemon Sun and Moon as well.

That is it, that’s everything the trailer has to offer.

These are exciting times for Pokemon fans, their reactions all over the internet are tell the whole story. Pokemon Sun and Moon is heading to Nintendo 3DS on November 18 in North America and Japan, and November 23 in Europe.

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