New Pokemon “Turtonator” Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

A new Pokemon called Turtonator has been announced today through Gamescom, adding another Pokemon to the steadily filling Pokemon Sun and Moon roster. Turtonator is only the latest to be revealed for the game, after Nintendo revealed a number of other new Pokemon and new Alola Forms last week.

Turtonator is a Fire/Dragon type Pokemon, and takes the form of a turtle with a large, spiky shell that looks like a small volcanic rock formation. At 6 feet and 7 inches and weighing at 467 pounds, it’s one of the heaviest Pokemon as well. Its diet, where it feeds on residue from volcanic eruptions, makes its shell a very volatile weapon that only needs a smack from Turtonator’s tail to cause a big explosion.

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon also has an exclusive move that only it can learn, called Shell Trap. It’s sort of Tutonator’s own version of the Counter move; laying a trap at the beginning of its turn, if Turtonator is hit by a physical attack, the trap will explode and cause a massive amount of damage to the opponent, which is great if you’re fighting a Pokemon that has very low Special Attack and would thus rely on physical moves.

At the same time, however, Turtonator is also vulnerable to a number of different types of Pokemon that are strong against both Fire and Dragon. Fairy, Ice, Water, Rock, Ground, and other Dragon type Pokemon are going to do very well against it, so it might be something of a glass cannon if you put it up against those types; powerful, but also very fragile.

Either way, there’s still plenty of time left until Pokemon Sun and Moon actually come out on the Nintendo 3DS, so we’ll likely be seeing a lot more Pokemon and new Alola Forms coming out before the games release in November.

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