Pokemon Sun and Moon Trainer Customization Introduces Black Trainer for the First Time

Pokemon Sun and Moon trainer customization is going to introduce Black trainers for the first time. Colored players will be able to choose a trainer based to their skin tone.

There were only three character skins in XY including a darker tone trainer but Nintendo was criticized for not including a proper black trainer with darker skin tone, so the fourth one will be introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

This is the first time in franchise history that Nintendo is brining black trainers to Pokemon. Nintendo making this move could also be due to a recent scandal involving a certain Pokemon that many considered to be racist.

Previously, Nintendo introduced black gym leaders to Pokemon so it is nice to see it finally making the jump to trainers as well.

Pokemon Sun and Moon gameplay was revealed yesterday, showing us new legendaries that are yet to be named. We were also showed three starter Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will feature Grass- and Flying-type Pokémon Rowlet, Fire-type Litten, and Water-type Popplio. Earlier we did an in-depth trailer breakdown which revealed many gameplay details, showed Sun and Moon themed legendaries, and how Pokemon is leaning toward third person camera angle.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is heading to Nintendo 3DS on November 18 in North America and Japan, and November 23 in Europe.

What do you think of the new Pokemon Sun and Moon Trainer Customization? Have you seen the new trailer? If not, head over to the link above and check it out.

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